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Инструкция для Electrolux ESF 5511 LOX

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2. Remove the filter (C) out of filter (B). 

3. Remove the flat filter (A).

4. Wash the filters.

5. Make sure that there are no residues

of food or soil in or around the edge

of the sump.

6. Put back in place the flat filter (A).

Make sure that it is correctly

positioned under the 2 guides.

7. Reassemble the filters (B) and (C).

8. Put back the filter (B) in the flat filter

(A). Turn it clockwise until it locks.


An incorrect position of the

filters can cause bad

washing results and damage

to the appliance.

11.2 Cleaning the spray arms

Do not remove the spray arms. If the

holes in the spray arms are clogged,

remove remaining parts of soil with a thin

pointed object.

11.3 External cleaning

• Clean the appliance with a moist soft


• Only use neutral detergents.

• Do not use abrasive products,

abrasive cleaning pads or solvents.

11.4 Internal cleaning

• Carefully clean the appliance,

including the rubber gasket of the

door, with a soft damp cloth.



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