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Инструкция для Electrolux ESF 5511 LOX

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10.4 Loading the baskets

• Only use the appliance to wash items

that are dishwasher-safe.

• Do not put in the appliance items

made of wood, horn, aluminium,

pewter and copper.

• Do not put in the appliance items that

can absorb water (sponges,

household cloths).

• Remove larger residues of food from

the dishes into the waste bin.

• Make soft the remaining burned food

on the items.

• Put hollow items (cups, glasses and

pans) with the opening down.

• Make sure that glasses do not touch

other glasses.

• Put cutlery and small items in the

cutlery basket.

• Put light items in the upper basket.

Make sure that the items do not


• Make sure that the spray arms can

move freely before you start a


10.5 Before starting a


Make sure that:

• The filters are clean and correctly


• The cap of the salt container is tight.

• The spray arms are not clogged.

• There is dishwasher salt and rinse aid

(unless you use multi- tablets).

• The position of the items in the

baskets is correct.

• The programme is applicable for the

type of load and for the degree of soil.

• The correct quantity of detergent is


10.6 Unloading the baskets

1. Let the tableware cool down before

you remove it from the appliance. Hot

items can be easily damaged.

2. First remove items from the lower

basket, then from the upper basket.

At the end of the program

water can still remain on the

sides and on the door of the




Before maintenance,

deactivate the appliance and

disconnect the mains plug

from the main socket.

Dirty filters and clogged

spray arms decrease the

washing results. Make a

check regularly and, if

necessary, clean them.

11.1 Cleaning the filters

The filter system is made of 3 parts.




1. Turn the filter (B) counterclockwise

and remove it.



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