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Инструкция для Electrolux ESF 5511 LOX

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1. Press the release button (B) to open

the lid (C).

2. Put the detergent, in powder or

tablets, in the compartment (A).

3. If the programme has a prewash

phase, put a small quantity of

detergent in the compartment (D).

4. Close the lid. Make sure that the

release button locks into position.

9.2 Setting and starting a


The Auto Off function

This function decreases energy

consumption by deactivating

automatically the appliance when it is not

The function comes into operation:

• 5 minutes after the completion of the


• After 5 minutes if the programme has

not started.

Starting a programme

1. Press the on/off button to activate the

appliance. Make sure that the

appliance is in programme selection


2. Close the appliance door.

3. Press Programs again and again

until the indicator of the programme

you want to select comes on.

The display shows the programme


4. Set the applicable options.

5. Press Start to start the programme.

• The washing phase indicator

comes on .

• The programme duration starts to

decrease with steps of 1 minute.

Starting a programme with

delay start

1. Set a programme.

2. Press Delay again and again until

the display shows the delay time you

want to set (from 1 to 24 hours).

The indicator of the selected programme


3. Press Start.

4. Close the appliance door to start the


When the countdown is completed, the

programme starts and the washing

phase indicator comes on.

Opening the door while the

appliance operates

If you open the door while a programme

is running, the appliance stops. It may

affect the energy consumption and the

programme duration. When you close

the door, the appliance continues from

the point of interruption.

If the door is opened for

more than 30 seconds

during the drying phase, the

running programme will end.

Cancelling the delay start while

the countdown operates

When you cancel the delay start you

have to set the programme and options

Press and hold simultaneously 

Programs and Options until the

appliance is in programme selection


Cancelling the programme

Press and hold simultaneously 

Programs and Options until the



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