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7.2 XtraDry

Activate this option when you want to

boost the drying performance. With the

use of this option, the duration of some

programmes, water consumption and the

last rinse temperature can be affected.
The option XtraDry is not a permanent

option and must be selected at every


How to activate XtraDry

Press Options until the indicator 

comes on.

If the option is not applicable to the

programme, the related indicator does

not come on or it flashes quickly for a few

seconds and then goes off.

The display shows the updated

programme duration.


1. Make sure that the current level of

the water softener agrees with the

hardness of the water supply. If

not, adjust the level of the water


2. Fill the salt container.

3. Fill the rinse aid dispenser.

4. Open the water tap.

5. Start a programme to remove any

processing residuals that can still be

inside the appliance. Do not use

detergent and do not load the


When you start a programme, the

appliance can take up to 5 minutes to

recharge the resin in the water softener.

It seems that the appliance is not

working. The washing phase starts only

after this procedure is completed. The

procedure will be repeated periodically.

8.1 The salt container


Only use salt specifically

designed for dishwashers.

The salt is used to recharge the resin in

the water softener and to assure good

washing results in the daily use.

How to fill the salt container

1. Turn the cap of the salt container

counterclockwise and remove it.

2. Put 1 litre of water in the salt

container (Only for the first time).

3. Fill the salt container with dishwasher


4. Remove the salt around the opening

of the salt container.

5. Turn the cap of the salt container

clockwise to close the salt container.

Water and salt can come out

from the salt container when

you fill it. Risk of corrosion.

To prevent it, after you fill

the salt container, start a




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