Инструкция для Panasonic NN-ST250W, NN-ST270S, NN-ST250M, NN-SM220W

Инструкция для Panasonic NN-ST250W, NN-ST270S, NN-ST250M, NN-SM220W

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For domestic use only

ɉɨɛɭɬɨɜɨɝɨ ɩɪɢɡɧɚɱɟɧɧɹ

Ɍɨɥɶɤɨ ɞɥɹ ɞɨɦɚɲɧɟɝɨ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ





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    NN-ST270S NN-ST250M NN-ST250W NN-SM220W For domestic use only Ɍɨɥɶɤɨ ɞɥɹ ɞɨɦɚɲɧɟɝɨ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ ɉɨɛɭɬɨɜɨɝɨ ɩɪɢɡɧɚɱɟɧɧɹ

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    Contents English Installation and Connection 2-3 Safety Instructions Important Information 4 5-6 Microwaving Principles Parts of your oven Control Panels 7 8 9 General Guidelines 10-11 Containers to use 12-13 Operating Instructions 14-16 17 Auto Weight Defrosting Defrosting Guidelines 18 Defrosting

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    Installation and Connection Examine your microwave oven Unpack the oven, remove all packing material, and examine the oven for any damage such as dents, broken door latches or cracks in the door. If you find any damage, notify your dealer immediately. Do not install a damaged microwave oven.

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    Installation and Connection 1. The door seals and seal areas should be cleaned with a damp cloth. The appliance should be inspected for damage to the door seals and door seal areas and if these areas are damaged the appliance should not be operated until it has been repaired by a service technician

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    Safety Instructions Roller Ring Use of your oven 1. Roller Ring and the oven floor should be cleaned frequently to prevent noise and build-up of remaining food. 2. Roller Ring must always be used for cooking together with Glass Tray. 1. Do not use the oven for any reason other than the preparation

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    Safety 3. Christmas Pudding. If smoke or a fire occurs in the oven, press Stop/Cancel pad or turn TIMER SELECT Dial back to zero position and leave the door closed in order to stifle any flames. Disconnect the power cord, or shut off the power at the fuse or the circuit breaker panel. Short Cooking

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    Important Information – Read Carefully 9. Meat Thermometer. 13. Keeping Your Oven Clean. Use a meat thermometer to check the degree of cooking of joints and poultry only when meat has been removed from the microwave. If undercooked, return to the oven and cook for a few more minutes at the

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    Important Notes Microwave energy has been used in this country to cook and reheat food since early experiments with radar in World War II. Microwaves are present in the atmosphere all the time, both naturally and from manmade sources. Manmade sources include radar, radio, television,

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    Parts of Your Oven 1. Do not operate the oven without the Roller Ring and Glass Turntable in place. 2. Only use the Glass Turntable specifically designed for this oven. Do not substitute with any other Glass Turntable. 3. If Glass Turntable is hot, allow to cool before cleaning or placing in water.

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    Control Panels English (1) (2) (4) (3) (2) (3) (4) (6) (5) (7) (8) (1) (9) (5) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Timer Cooking Mode Selection Dial Microwave Power Defrost Power Door Release Button Beep Sound : NN-ST270S/NN-ST250M/NN-ST250W When a pad is touched correctly a beep will be heard. If a pad is touched

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    General Guidelines STANDING TIME DENSITY Dense foods e.g. meat, jacket potatoes and cakes, require standing time (inside or outside of the oven) after cooking, to allow heat to finish conducting to cook the centre completely. Wrap meat joints and jacket potatoes in aluminium foil while standing.

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    SHAPE ARRANGING Even shapes cook evenly. Food cooks better by microwave when in a round container rather than square. Individual foods e.g. chicken portions or chops, should be placed on a dish so that the thicker parts are towards the outside. CHECKING FOOD STARTING TEMPERATURE It is essential

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    Containers to use Choosing the correct container is a very important factor in deciding the success or failure of your cooking. Testing Dishes for Suitability When unsure that a cooking container is suitable for use in your microwave, check by the following test: 1. Fill a microwave safe measuring

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     PLASTIC Many plastic containers are designed for microwave use. Only use Tupperware® containers if they are designed for microwave use. Do not use Melamine as it will scorch. Do not use plastic for cooking foods high in sugar or fat or foods that require long cooking times e.g. brown rice. Never

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    Microwave Cooking For NN-SM220W Wattage Max 700 Watts Medium 600 Watts Low 360 Watts Defrost 270 Watts Simmer 200 Watts • Turn dial to select power level. • Set cooking time by turning dial. If the door is already closed, cooking time will begin immediately. For short cooking times always turn the

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    When the oven is first plugged in “88.88” appears in display window. eg. 11.25pm Press five times (to set 1 mins.) Press eleven times (to set hours) Press twice (to set 10 mins.) • Press Timer/Clock Pad twice. A dot starts blinking. • Press Time Pads - Enter time of day by pressing appropriate Time

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    Microwave Cooking and Defrosting for For NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W The glass turntable must always be in position when using the oven. Wattage High 700 Watts 2 Presses Defrost 270 Watts 3 Presses Medium 600 Watts 4 Presses Low 360 Watts 1 Press 5 Presses Simmer 250 Watts • Press the

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    This feature allows you to defrost bread, meat items and joints of meat automatically once you have entered in the weight of the food. • Set Weight using the Up and • Select desired program. Down pads. If the up / down pad Press the pad once to is pressed and held, the weight select small pieces,

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    Defrosting Guidelines For Best Results: 1. Place foods in a suitable container. Meat joints and chickens should be placed on an upturned saucer or on a plastic rack if you have one. 2. Check food during defrosting, as foods vary in their defrosting speed. 3. It is not necessary to cover the food.

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    The times given below are a guideline only. Always check the progress of the food by opening the oven door and then re-starting. For larger quantities adjust times accordingly. Food should not be covered during defrosting. Meat Defrosting Time Method Standing Time Beef/Lamb/Pork Joint 450g (1lb)

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    Auto Weight Reheat / Auto Cook Programs For NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W This feature allows you to reheat or cook foods by setting the weight only. The oven determines the Microwave power level then the cooking time automatically. Select the category of food and then just enter the weight.

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    3. Reheat Beverage (2 cups/300 ml) This program is for reheating two cups of hot drink (e.g. tea, coffee, milk, and soup). Select reheat 2 cups, enter weight ( 300ml ) . At the completion of heating,stir carefully. Hints for reheating cup 1. Stir the liquid before heating(Heated liquids can erupt

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    Cooking and Reheating Guidelines Most foods reheat very quickly in your oven by HIGH power. Meals can be brought back to serving temperature in just minutes and will taste freshly cooked and NOT leftover. Always check food is piping hot and return to oven if necessary. As a general rule, always

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    The times given in the charts below are a guideline only, and will vary depending on STARTING temperature, dish size etc. Food Weight/ Quantity Power Level Time to Select ( approx) Instructions/ Guidelines BREAD – Precooked – Fresh – N.B. Breads reheated by Microwave will have a soft base. 2 HIGH

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    Reheating Charts Food Weight/ Quantity Power Level Time to Select (approx) Instructions/Guidelines PASTRY PRODUCTS - PRECOOKED - N.B. Pastries reheated by microwave will have a soft base. Chicken Pie 600 g HIGH 5-51⁄2 mins. Cornish Pasty 227 g (1) HIGH 2-21⁄2 mins. Quiche 400 g (1) HIGH 41⁄2-5

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    Food Weight/ Quantity Power Level 130 g (4) HIGH Time to Select Instructions/Guidelines (approx) BACON – from raw Rashers Place on microwave safe rack or plate on turntable. 2-3 or 30-40 secs per rasher. BEANS & PULSES – should be pre-soaked (except lentils) Chick Peas Lentils Red Kidney Beans 225

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    Cooking Charts Weight/ Quantity Food Power Level Time to Select (approx) Instructions/Guidelines FISH – FROZEN from raw Haddock Fillets 380 g (4) Whole 450 g (2) Boil in the Bag 170 g (1) HIGH 5 mins. +MED 5-6 mins. HIGH 10-12 mins. DEFROST 5 mins. + rest 2 mins. + LOW 6 mins. Place in microwave

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    Food Weight/ Quantity Power Level Time to Select (approx) English Cooking Charts Instructions/ Guidelines SAUSAGES from raw - CAUTION: HOT FAT! Remove dish with care. Thick Thin 240 g (4) 110 g (4) HIGH 21⁄2 -3 mins. HIGH 1 ⁄2 -2 mins. 1 Place on microwave safe plate or microwave rack. Cover and

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    Before Requesting Service ALL THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL: The oven causes interference with my TV. Some radio and TV interference might occur when you cook with the microwave oven. This interference is similar to the interference caused by small apliances such as mixers, vacuums, hair dryers, etc.It

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    Care of your Microwave Oven 7. The roller ring and oven cavity floor should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive noise. Simply wipe the bottom surface of the oven with mild detergent, water or window cleaner and dry .The roller ring may be washed in mild sudsy water or dish washer. Cooking

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    ɋɨɞɟɪɠɚɧɢɟ ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɢ ɩɨɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɟ Ɇɟɪɵ ɛɟɡɨɩɚɫɧɨɫɬɢ ȼɚɠɧɚɹ ɢɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɢɹ 2-3 4 5-6 ɉɪɢɧɰɢɩɢɚɥɶɧɚɹ ɫɯɟɦɚ ɭɫɬɪɨɣɫɬɜɚ 7 Ⱥɤɫɟɫɫɭɚɪɵ ɜɚɲɟɣ ɩɟɱɢ 8 ɉɚɧɟɥɶ ɭɩɪɚɜɥɟɧɢɹ 9 Ɉɛɳɟɟ ɪɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ 10-11 ɉɨɫɭɞɚ, ɩɪɢɝɨɞɧɚɹ ɞɥɹ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ ɜ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ 12-13 Ɇɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɚɹ ɩɟɱɶ NN-SM220W ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ,

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    ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɢ ɉɨɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɟ ɉɪɨɜɟɪɤɚ ȼɚɲɟɣ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ Ɋɚɫɩɚɤɭɣɬɟ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɭɸ ɩɟɱɶ, ɭɞɚɥɢɬɟ ɜɫɟ ɭɩɚɤɨɜɨɱɧɵɟ ɦɚɬɟɪɢɚɥɵ ɢ ɩɪɨɜɟɪɶɬɟ ɟɟ ɧɚ ɧɚɥɢɱɢɟ ɬɚɤɢɯ ɩɨɜɪɟɠɞɟɧɢɣ ɤɚɤ ɜɦɹɬɢɧɵ, ɧɟɢɫɩɪɚɜɧɨɫɬɶ ɡɚɩɨɪɨɜ ɞɜɟɪɰɵ ɢɥɢ ɬɪɟɳɢɧɵ ɜ ɞɜɟɪɰɟ. ȿɫɥɢ ȼɵ ɨɛɧɚɪɭɠɢɬɟ ɤɚɤɢɟ-ɥɢɛɨ ɧɟɢɫɩɪɚɜɧɨɫɬɢ, ɫɪɚɡɭ ɫɨɨɛɳɢɬɟ ɨɛ ɷɬɨɦ

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    ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɢ ɉɨɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɟ ȼɧɢɦɚɧɢɟ! Ⱦɚɧɧɨɟ ɭɫɬɪɨɣɫɬɜɨ ɩɪɟɞɧɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɨ ɞɥɹ ɩɨɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɹ ɤ ɫɟɬɟɜɨɣ ɪɨɡɟɬɤɟ, ɢɦɟɸɳɟɣ ɡɚɡɟɦɥɟɧɢɟ. ɇɟ ɩɪɟɧɟɛɪɟɝɚɣɬɟ ɞɚɧɧɨɣ ɦɟɪɨɣ ɛɟɡɨɩɚɫɧɨɫɬɢ, ɩɨɫɤɨɥɶɤɭ ɩɪɢ ɨɬɫɭɬɫɬɜɢɢ ɡɚɡɟɦɥɹɸɳɟɝɨ ɩɪɨɜɨɞɚ ɜ ɰɟɩɢ ɭɫɬɪɨɣɫɬɜɨ ɧɟ ɛɭɞɟɬ ɨɬɜɟɱɚɬɶ ɬɪɟɛɨɜɚɧɢɹɦ ɡɚɳɢɬɵ ɨɬ ɩɨɪɚɠɟɧɢɹ ɷɥɟɤɬɪɢɱɟɫɤɢɦ ɬɨɤɨɦ.

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    Ɇɟɪɵ ɛɟɡɨɩɚɫɧɨɫɬɢ ɇɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɢɟ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ 1. ɇɟ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɭɣɬɟ ɩɟɱɶ ɧɢ ɞɥɹ ɤɚɤɢɯ ɢɧɵɯ ɰɟɥɟɣ, ɤɪɨɦɟ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɢɳɢ. ɗɬɚ ɩɟɱɶ ɪɚɡɪɚɛɨɬɚɧɚ ɫɩɟɰɢɚɥɶɧɨ ɞɥɹ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚ ɢ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɢɳɢ. ɇɟ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɭɣɬɟ ɩɟɱɶ ɞɥɹ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚ ɤɚɤɢɯ-ɥɢɛɨ ɯɢɦɢɱɟɫɤɢɯ ɜɟɳɟɫɬɜ ɢɥɢ ɧɟɩɢɳɟɜɵɯ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɨɜ. 2. ɍɞɨɫɬɨɜɟɪɶɬɟɫɶ,

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    ȼɚɠɧɚɹ ɢɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɢɹ - ɑɢɬɚɣɬɟ ȼɧɢɦɚɬɟɥɶɧɨ 3. Ɋɨɠɞɟɫɬɜɟɧɫɤɢɣ ɩɭɞɢɧɝ. Ɋɨɠɞɟɫɬɜɟɧɫɤɢɟ ɩɭɞɢɧɝɢ ɢ ɞɪɭɝɢɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ ɫ ɜɵɫɨɤɢɦ ɫɨɞɟɪɠɚɧɢɟɦ ɠɢɪɨɜ ɢɥɢ ɫɚɯɚɪɚ, ɧɚɩɪɢɦɟɪ, ɜɚɪɟɧɶɟ, ɩɢɪɨɝɢ, ɧɟɥɶɡɹ ɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɶ ɫɥɢɲɤɨɦ ɞɨɥɝɨ. ɗɬɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ ɧɟɥɶɡɹ ɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɶ ɛɟɡ ɩɪɢɫɦɨɬɪɚ, ɬ.ɤ. ɩɨɫɥɟ ɩɟɪɟɝɪɟɜɚ ɨɧɢ ɦɨɝɭɬ ɜɨɫɩɥɚɦɟɧɢɬɶɫɹ. ɋɦ.

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    ȼɚɠɧɚɹ ɢɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɢɹ - ɑɢɬɚɣɬɟ ȼɧɢɦɚɬɟɥɶɧɨ 9.Ɍɟɪɦɨɦɟɬɪ ɞɥɹ ɦɹɫɚ Ⱦɥɹ ɨɩɪɟɞɟɥɟɧɢɹ ɫɬɟɩɟɧɢ ɝɨɬɨɜɧɨɫɬɢ ɦɹɫɚ ɢɥɢ ɩɬɢɰɵ ȼɵ ɦɨɠɟɬɟ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɬɶ ɫɩɟɰɢɚɥɶɧɵɣ ɬɟɪɦɨɦɟɬɪ ɞɥɹ ɦɹɫɚ. Ⱦɥɹ ɷɬɨɝɨ ɧɟɨɛɯɨɞɢɦɨ ɩɪɟɞɜɚɪɢɬɟɥɶɧɨ ɜɵɧɭɬɶ ɛɥɸɞɨ ɢɡ ɩɟɱɢ. ȿɫɥɢ ɛɥɸɞɨ ɧɟ ɫɨɜɫɟɦ ɝɨɬɨɜɨ, ɭɫɬɚɧɚɜɥɢɜɚɣɬɟ ɨɛɪɚɬɧɨ ɜ ɩɟɱɶ ɢ ɝɨɬɨɜɶɬɟ ɟɳɟ

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    ɉɪɢɧɰɢɩɢɚɥɶɧɚɹ ɫɯɟɦɚ ɭɫɬɪɨɣɫɬɜɚ Ɇɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɚɹ ɷɧɟɪɝɢɹ ɛɵɥɚ ɩɪɟɞɧɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɚ ɞɥɹ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɢ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚɧɢɹ ɩɢɬɚɧɢɹ ɜ ɩɟɪɜɵɯ ɷɤɫɩɟɪɢɦɟɧɬɚɯ ɩɨ ɪɚɞɢɨɥɨɤɚɰɢɢ ɜɨ ȼɬɨɪɨɣ ɦɢɪɨɜɨɣ ɜɨɣɧɟ. Ʉɚɤ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɶ ɩɢɳɭ ɫ ɩɨɦɨɳɶɸ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧ ɜ ɋȼɑ – ɩɟɱɢ Ʉɚɦɟɪɚ ɩɟɱɢ Ƚɧɟɡɞɨ ɫ 13- ɚɦɩɟɪɧɵɦ ȼ ɋȼɑ ɩɟɱɢ ɩɪɟɞɨɯɪɚɧɢɬɟɥɟɦ

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    Ⱥɤɫɟɫɫɭɚɪɵ ɜɚɲɟɣ ɩɟɱɢ 1. ɉɟɪɟɞ ɜɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɟɦ ɩɟɱɢ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɢɬɟ ɜ ɧɟɟ ɪɨɥɢɤɨɜɨɟ ɤɨɥɶɰɨ ɢ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ. 2. ɂɫɩɨɥɶɡɭɣɬɟ ɬɨɥɶɤɨ ɫɬɟɤɥɹɧɧɵɣ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ, ɩɪɟɞɧɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɧɵɣ ɞɥɹ ɞɚɧɧɨɣ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ. 3. ȿɫɥɢ ɫɬɟɤɥɹɧɧɵɣ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ ɝɨɪɹɱɢɣ, ɞɚɣɬɟ ɟɦɭ ɨɫɬɵɬɶ, ɩɪɟɠɞɟ ɱɟɦ ɦɵɬɶ ɢɥɢ ɱɢɫɬɢɬɶ ɟɝɨ. 4.

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    ɉɚɧɟɥɶ ɭɩɪɚɜɥɟɧɢɹ (1) (4) (2) (3) (2) (3) (4) (6) (5) (7) (8) (1) Russian (5) (9) (1) Ɍɚɣɦɟɪ (2) ȼɵɛɨɪ ɪɟɠɢɦɚ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɢɳɢ (3) ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɝɨ ɪɟɠɢɦɚ (4) Ɇɨɳɧɨɫɬɶ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɧɢɹ (5) Ʉɥɚɜɢɲɚ ɨɬɤɪɵɜɚɧɢɹ ɞɜɟɪɢ. Ɂɜɭɤɨɜɨɣ ɫɢɝɧɚɥ NN-ST270S/NN-ST250M/NN-ST250W ɉɪɢ ɧɚɠɚɬɢɢ ɤɧɨɩɨɤ

  • Страница 42 из 95

    Ɉɛɳɟɟ ɪɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ ȼɪɟɦɹ ɜɵɞɟɪɠɤɢ ɩɟɪɟɞ ɩɨɞɚɱɟɣ (ɭɫɬɨɣɤɚ) ɉɢɳɚ ɫ ɛɨɥɟɟ ɩɥɨɬɧɨɣ ɫɬɪɭɤɬɭɪɨɣ, ɧɚɩɪɢɦɟɪ ɦɹɫɨ, ɤɚɪɬɨɮɟɥɶ ɜ ɦɭɧɞɢɪɟ, ɜɵɩɟɱɤɚ ɬɪɟɛɭɸɬ ɧɟɤɨɬɨɪɨɝɨ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ ɩɨɫɥɟ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɟɪɟɞ ɩɨɞɚɱɟɣ ɧɚ ɫɬɨɥ (ɜɧɭɬɪɢ ɢɥɢ ɜɧɟ ɩɟɱɢ). Ɂɚ ɷɬɨ ɜɪɟɦɹ ɬɟɩɥɨ ɩɪɨɞɨɥɠɚɟɬ ɪɚɫɩɪɟɞɟɥɹɬɶɫɹ ɜɧɭɬɪɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ ɞɨ

  • Страница 43 из 95

    Ɉɛɳɟɟ ɪɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ Ɏɨɪɦɚ ɉɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ, ɢɦɟɸɳɢɟ ɨɞɢɧɚɤɨɜɵɣ ɪɚɡɦɟɪ, ɝɨɬɨɜɹɬɫɹ ɛɨɥɟɟ ɪɚɜɧɨɦɟɪɧɨ. ȼ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ɩɢɳɚ ɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɫɹ ɥɭɱɲɟ ɜ ɩɨɫɭɞɟ ɨɤɪɭɝɥɨɣ ɮɨɪɦɵ, ɧɟɠɟɥɢ ɜ ɩɨɫɭɞɟ ɤɜɚɞɪɚɬɧɨɣ ɢɥɢ ɫ ɜɵɫɬɭɩɚɸɳɢɦɢ ɭɝɥɚɦɢ. Ɋɚɡɦɟɳɟɧɢɟ Ɉɬɞɟɥɶɧɵɟ ɱɚɫɬɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɨɜ, ɬɚɤɢɟ, ɤɚɤ ɤɭɫɤɢ ɤɭɪɢɰɵ ɢɥɢ ɨɬɛɢɜɧɵɟ, ɞɨɥɠɧɵ ɛɵɬɶ

  • Страница 44 из 95

    ɉɨɫɭɞɚ, ɩɪɢɝɨɞɧɚɹ ɞɥɹ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ ɜ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ȼɵɛɨɪ ɩɨɞɯɨɞɹɳɟɣ ɩɨɫɭɞɵ ɹɜɥɹɟɬɫɹ ɨɞɧɢɦ ɢɡ ɨɱɟɧɶ ɜɚɠɧɵɯ ɮɚɤɬɨɪɨɜ , ɤɨɬɨɪɵɟ ɜɥɢɹɸɬ ɧɚ ɜɚɲɟ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ. Ɋɟɡɭɥɶɬɚɬɵ ɂɫɩɵɬɚɧɢɟ ɫɨɫɭɞɚ ɧɚ ɩɪɢɝɨɞɧɨɫɬɶ ȿɫɥɢ ɩɨɫɭɞɚ ɩɨɞɯɨɞɢɬ ȿɫɥɢ ɜɵ ɧɟ ɭɜɟɪɟɧɵ, ɱɬɨ ɩɨɫɭɞɚ ɞɥɹ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ, ɩɪɟɞɧɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɚ ɞɥɹ

  • Страница 45 из 95

    ɉɨɫɭɞɚ, ɩɪɢɝɨɞɧɚɹ ɞɥɹ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ ɜ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ɉɅȿɇɄȺ ɂɫɩɨɥɶɡɭɣɬɟ ɩɥɟɧɤɭ, ɩɪɢɝɨɞɧɭɸ ɞɥɹ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɹ ɜ ɋȼɑɩɟɱɢ, ɞɥɹ ɧɚɤɪɵɬɢɹ ɩɨɫɭɞɵ ɫ ɩɢɳɟɣ, ɤɨɬɨɪɚɹ ɛɭɞɟɬ ɩɨɞɨɝɪɟɜɚɬɶɫɹ ɢɥɢ ɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɶɫɹ. ɂɡɛɟɝɚɣɬɟ ɩɪɹɦɨɝɨ ɤɨɧɬɚɤɬɚ ɩɥɟɧɤɢ ɫ ɩɢɳɟɣ. ȺɅɘɆɂɇɂȿȼȺə ɎɈɅɖȽȺ Ⱥɥɸɦɢɧɢɟɜɚɹ ɮɨɥɶɝɚ ɜ ɧɟɛɨɥɶɲɨɦ ɤɨɥɢɱɟɫɬɜɟ

  • Страница 46 из 95

    Ɇɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɚɹ ɩɟɱɶ NN-S Ɇɨɳɧɨɫɬɶ Ɇɚɤɫ ɋɪɟɞɧɹɹ ɇɢɡɤɚɹ Ɋɚɡɦɨɪɨɡɤɚ Ƚɨɬɨɜɨɟ ɛɥɸɞɨ 700ȼɬ 600ȼɬ 360ȼɬ 270ȼɬ 200ȼɬ • ɉɨɜɟɪɧɢɬɟ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɜɵɤɥɸɱɚɬɟɥɶ ɞɥɹ ɜɵɛɨɪɚ ɭɪɨɜɧɹ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ. • ɉɨɜɨɪɚɱɢɜɚɹ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɜɵɤɥɸɱɚɬɟɥɶ, ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɢɬɟ ɜɪɟɦɹ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ. ȿɫɥɢ ɞɜɟɪɰɚ ɡɚɤɪɵɬɚ, ɬɨ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɧɚɱɧɟɬɫɹ ɫɪɚɡɭ. Ⱦɥɹ

  • Страница 47 из 95

    Ⱦɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣ ɍɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɚ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɉɪɢ ɩɟɪɜɨɦ ɜɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɢ ɩɟɱɢ "88.88" ɩɨɹɜɥɹɟɬɫɹ ɜ ɨɤɨɲɤɟ ɞɢɫɩɥɟɹ. ɧɚɩɪɢɦɟɪ. 11:25 ɇɚɠɦɢɬɟ ɨɞɢɧɧɚɞɰɚɬɶ ɪɚɡ (ɞɥɹ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɢ ɱɚɫɨɜ ) ɇɚɠɦɢɬɟ ɩɹɬɶ ɪɚɡ (ɞɥɹ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɢ 1 ɦɢɧ.) ɇɚɠɦɢɬɟ ɞɜɚ ɪɚɡɚ (ɞɥɹ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɢ 10 ɦɢɧ.) • ɇɚɠɦɢɬɟ ɤɧɨɩɤɭ ɬɚɣɦɟɪ /

  • Страница 48 из 95

    ɉɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɢɳɢ ɢ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɨɡɤɚ Ⱦɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣ NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W Ɋɨɥɢɤɨɜɨɟ ɤɨɥɶɰɨ ɢ ɫɬɟɤɥɹɧɧɵɣ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ ɨɛɹɡɚɬɟɥɶɧɨ ɞɨɥɠɧɵ ɛɵɬɶ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɵ ɩɪɢ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɢ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ. Ɇɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɚɹ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɶ 1. ȼɵɛɟɪɢɬɟ ɜɵɫɨɤɭɸ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɶ700 ȼɬ 2. ȼɵɛɟɪɢɬɟ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɶ ɞɥɹ ɪɟɠɢɦɚ

  • Страница 49 из 95

    Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɟɫɤɨɟ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɧɢɟ ɩɨ ɜɟɫɭ Ⱦɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣ NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɗɬɚ ɮɭɧɤɰɢɹ ɩɨɡɜɨɥɹɟɬ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɬɶ ɪɚɡɥɢɱɧɵɟ ɤɭɫɤɢ ɦɹɫɚ, ɤɭɪɢɰɵ ɢ ɪɵɛɵ ɩɨ ɜɜɟɞɟɧɧɨɦɭ ɜɚɦɢ ɜɟɫɭ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ. •ɇɚɠɦɢɬɟ ɧɚ ɤɧɨɩɤɭ ɨɞɢɧ ɪɚɡ, ɱɬɨɛɵ ɜɵɛɪɚɬɶ ɦɚɥɟɧɶɤɭɸ ɩɨɪɰɢɸ, ɞɜɚ ɪɚɡɚ, ɱɬɨɛɵ ɜɵɛɪɚɬɶ ɛɨɥɶɲɭɸ ɩɨɪɰɢɸ ɢ 3

  • Страница 50 из 95

    Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ ɩɨ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɧɢɸ Ⱦɥɹ ɩɨɥɭɱɟɧɢɹ ɥɭɱɲɟɝɨ ɪɟɡɭɥɶɬɚɬɚ 1. ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ ɜ ɩɨɞɯɨɞɹɳɭɸ ɩɨɫɭɞɭ. Ʉɭɫɤɢ ɦɹɫɚ ɢ ɩɬɢɰɵ ɞɨɥɠɧɵ ɛɵɬɶ ɩɨɦɟɳɟɧɵ ɧɚ ɩɟɪɟɜɟɪɧɭɬɨɟ ɛɥɸɞɨ ɢɥɢ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɭɸ ɪɟɲɟɬɤɭ, ɟɫɥɢ ɨɧɚ ɟɫɬɶ ɜ ɧɚɥɢɱɢɢ. 2.ɉɪɨɜɟɪɹɣɬɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ ɜɨ ɜɪɟɦɹ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɧɢɹ, ɬ.ɤ. ɨɧɢ ɨɬɥɢɱɚɸɬɫɹ ɩɨ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ

  • Страница 51 из 95

    Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɭɟɦɨɟ ɜɪɟɦɹ ɪɚɡɦɨɪɚɠɢɜɚɧɢɹ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɧɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ ɧɚ 1-2 ɦɢɧ. 10 -15 ɫɟɤ. ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɛɭɦɚɠɧɨɦ ɤɭɯɨɧɧɨɦ ɩɨɥɨɬɟɧɰɟ. 1 ɦɢɧ. 30 ɫɟɤ. + ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɧɚ ɬɚɪɟɥɤɭ. ɉɟɪɟɜɟɪɧɢɬɟ ȼɵɩɟɱɤɚ 450ɝ. ɜɪɟɦɹ 10-15 ɦɢɧ. ɜɵɞɟɪɠɤɢ 1 ɩɨɫɥɟ ɭɫɬɨɣɤɢ ɜ ɬɟɱɟɧɢɟ 1 ɦɢɧɭɬɵ. ɦɢɧ 30 ɫɟɤ. ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɜ

  • Страница 52 из 95

    Ɋɚɡɨɝɪɟɜ /ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɟɦ ɩɪɨɝɪɚɦɦ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɟɫɤɨɝɨ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ Ⱦɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣ NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɗɬɚ ɮɭɧɤɰɢɹ ɩɨɡɜɨɥɹɟɬ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɟɫɤɢ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚɬɶ ɢɥɢ ɝɨɬɨɜɢɬɶ ɩɢɳɭ ɩɨ ɜɟɫɭ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ. ɉɨɫɥɟ ɭɫɬɚɧɨɜɤɢ ɜɟɫɚ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ ɩɟɱɶ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɟɫɤɢ ɨɩɪɟɞɟɥɹɟɬ ɭɪɨɜɟɧɶ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ

  • Страница 53 из 95

    Ɋɚɡɨɝɪɟɜ /ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɨɜɚɧɢɟɦ ɩɪɨɝɪɚɦɦ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɟɫɤɨɝɨ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ 3. ɇɚɩɢɬɨɤ (2 ɱɚɲɤɢ) (300 ɝ) ɗɬɚ ɩɪɨɝɪɚɦɦɚ ɩɪɟɞɧɚɡɧɚɱɟɧɚ ɞɥɹ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚ ɞɜɭɯ ɱɚɲɟɤ ɝɨɪɹɱɟɝɨ ɧɚɩɢɬɤɚ (ɱɚɣ, ɤɨɮɟ, ɦɨɥɨɤɨ, ɫɭɩ ɢ ɩɪɨɱɟɟ). ȼɵɛɟɪɢɬɟ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜ 2 ɱɚɲɟɤ, ɜɜɟɞɢɬɟ ɜɟɫ 300 ɝ. ɉɨ ɡɚɜɟɪɲɟɧɢɢ ɧɚɝɪɟɜɚ ɬɳɚɬɟɥɶɧɨ

  • Страница 54 из 95

    Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ ɩɨ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɸ ɢ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɭ ɩɢɳɢ Ȼɨɥɶɲɢɧɫɬɜɨ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɨɜ ɨɱɟɧɶ ɛɵɫɬɪɨ ɪɚɡɨɝɪɟɜɚɟɬɫɹ ɜ ɩɟɱɢ ɧɚ ɜɵɫɨɤɨɣ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ. ɉɢɳɭ ɦɨɠɧɨ ɞɨɜɟɫɬɢ ɞɨ ɧɟɨɛɯɨɞɢɦɨɣ ɬɟɦɩɟɪɚɬɭɪɵ ɜ ɫɱɢɬɚɧɧɵɟ ɦɢɧɭɬɵ, ɩɪɢ ɷɬɨɦ ɨɧɚ ɛɭɞɟɬ ɫɜɟɠɟɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɧɨɣ ɢ ɜ ɧɟɣ ɧɟ ɛɭɞɟɬ ɧɟɩɪɨɝɪɟɬɵɯ ɭɱɚɫɬɤɨɜ. ȼɫɟɝɞɚ ɩɪɨɜɟɪɹɣɬɟ ɧɚɫɤɨɥɶɤɨ

  • Страница 55 из 95

    Ɋɚɡɨɝɪɟɜ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɡɚɞɚɧɢɟɦ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɢ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ ɇɚɩɢɬɤɢ - Ɇɨɥɨɤɨ 235 1 ɤɪɭɠɤɚ ɦɥ 600 1 ɤɭɜɲɢɧ ɦɥ ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ 1 ½ - 2 ɦɢɧ. ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ 5 ɦɢɧ. ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɧɚɩɢɬɨɤ ɜ ɤɪɭɠɤɟ ɧɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ ɫɬɨɥ. ɉɟɪɟɦɟɲɢɜɚɣɬɟ ɞɨ, ɜɨ ɜɪɟɦɹ ɢ ɩɨɫɥɟ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɹ. ȼɇɂɆȺɇɂȿ! ȼɫɟɝɞɚ ɩɪɨɜɟɪɹɣɬɟ ɧɚɫɤɨɥɶɤɨ ɝɨɬɨɜɚ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɧɚɹ ɩɢɳɚ. ȿɫɥɢ

  • Страница 56 из 95

    Ɋɚɡɨɝɪɟɜ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɡɚɞɚɧɢɟɦ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɢ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ ȼɟɫ / ɍɪɨɜɟɧɶ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɭɟɦɨɟ ɂɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɢɹ / Ʉɨɥ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɢɬɟɥɶɧɨ) Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ Ʉɨɧɞɢɬɟɪɫɤɢɟ ɢɡɞɟɥɢɹ - Ƚɨɬɨɜɵɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɵ. ȼɧɢɦɚɧɢɟ! Ʉɨɧɞɢɬɟɪɫɤɨɟ ɢɡɞɟɥɢɟ ɦɨɠɟɬ ɢɦɟɬɶ ɦɹɝɤɨɟ ɨɫɧɨɜɚɧɢɟ. ɉɢɪɨɝ ɢɡ ɤɭɪɢɰɵ 600ɝ 5 - 5 ½ ɦɢɧ. ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ ɉɢɪɨɝ ɫ ɦɹɫɨɦ ɢ 227ɝ (1)

  • Страница 57 из 95

    ɉɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɡɚɞɚɧɢɟɦ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɢ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ Ɍɢɩ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ ȼɟɫ / Ʉɨɥ Ȼɟɤɨɧ - ɫɵɪɨɣ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɭɟɦɨɟ ɍɪɨɜɟɧɶ ɂɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɢɹ / Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɜɪɟɦɹ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɢɬɟɥɶɧɨ) 2-3 ɦɢɧ. ɢɥɢ 30-40 Ɋɚɡɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɧɚ ɩɨɞɯɨɞɹɳɟɣ ɬɚɪɟɥɤɟ ɧɚ 130ɝ(4) ) ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ ɫɟɤ. ɞɥɹ ɤɚɠɞɨɝɨ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɨɦ ɫɬɨɥɟ. ɥɨɦɬɢɤɚ ɛɟɤɨɧɚ Ɏɚɫɨɥɶ ɢ

  • Страница 58 из 95

    ɉɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɡɚɞɚɧɢɟɦ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɢ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ Ɍɢɩ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɚ ȼɟɫ / Ʉɨɥ ɍɪɨɜɟɧɶ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɭɟ ɦɨɟ(ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡ ɂɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɢɹ / Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ ɢɬɟɥɶɧɨ) Ɂɚɦɨɪɨɠɟɧɧɚɹ ɪɵɛɚ ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ 5 ɦɢɧ. ɉɨɦɟɫɬɢɬɟ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬ ɧɚ ɬɚɪɟɥɤɭ, ɞɨɛɚɜɶɬɟ +ɋɊȿȾɇɂɃ 5-6 ɦɢɧ. 30ɦɥ ɠɢɞɤɨɫɬɢ. ɇɚɤɪɨɣɬɟ ɤɪɵɲɤɨɣ ɢ + ɩɨɫɬɚɜɶɬɟ ɧɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɵɣ

  • Страница 59 из 95

    ɉɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɢɟ ɩɢɳɢ ɫ ɡɚɞɚɧɢɟɦ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ ɢ ɜɪɟɦɟɧɢ ɉɢɬɚɧɢɟ ȼɟɫ / ɍɪɨɜɟɧɶ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɭɟɦɨɟ ɂɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɢɹ / Ʉɨɥ ɦɨɳɧɨɫɬɢ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɢɬɟɥɶɧɨ) Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɨ Ʉɨɥɛɚɫɤɢ - ȼɧɢɦɚɧɢɟ! Ƚɨɪɹɱɢɣ ɠɢɪ! Ⱦɨɫɬɚɜɚɣɬɟ ɬɚɪɟɥɤɭ ɢɡ ɩɟɱɢ ɫ ɨɫɬɨɪɨɠɧɨɫɬɶɸ Ɍɨɥɫɬɚɹ 240ɝ(4) ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ Ɍɨɧɤɚɹ 110ɝ(4) ȼɕɋɈɄɂɃ 2 ½ - 3 ɦɢɧ. 1 ½ - 2 ɦɢɧ. ɜ ɦɭɧɞɢɪɟ

  • Страница 60 из 95

    ɉɟɪɟɞ ɨɛɪɚɳɟɧɢɟɦ ɜ ɫɟɪɜɢɫɧɵɣ ɰɟɧɬɪ ɇɨɪɦɚɥɶɧɵɟ ɹɜɥɟɧɢɹ ɩɪɢ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ɉɪɢ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ɦɨɝɭɬ ɜɨɡɧɢɤɚɬɶ ɩɨɦɟɯɢ ɜ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ ɉɪɢ ɜɤɥɸɱɟɧɢɢ ɪɚɞɢɨ ɢ ɬɟɥɟɜɢɡɨɪɚ. ɉɨɞɨɛɧɵɟ ɩɨɦɟɯɢ ɜɨɡɧɢɤɚɸɬ ɩɪɢ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɢ ɜɨɡɧɢɤɚɸɬ ɩɨɦɟɯɢ ɜ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ ɧɟɛɨɥɶɲɢɯ ɷɥɟɤɬɪɨɩɪɢɛɨɪɨɜ, ɬɚɤɢɯ ɤɚɤ

  • Страница 61 из 95

    ɍɯɨɞ ɡɚ ɦɢɤɪɨɜɨɥɧɨɜɨɣ ɩɟɱɶɸ 7. Ɋɨɥɢɤɨɜɨɟ ɤɨɥɶɰɨ ɢ ɞɧɨ ɩɟɱɢ ɧɭɠɧɨ ɩɟɪɢɨɞɢɱɟɫɤɢ ɨɱɢɳɚɬɶ ɞɥɹ ɨɛɟɫɩɟɱɟɧɢɹ ɛɟɫɲɭɦɧɨɣ ɪɚɛɨɬɵ ɩɟɱɢ. ɉɪɨɫɬɨ ɩɪɨɬɢɪɚɣɬɟ ɧɢɠɧɸɸ ɩɨɜɟɪɯɧɨɫɬɶ, ɢɫɩɨɥɶɡɭɹ ɦɹɝɤɨɟ ɦɨɸɳɟɟ ɫɪɟɞɫɬɜɨ, ɧɚɩɪɢɦɟɪ,ɠɢɞɤɨɟ ɦɵɥɨ ɞɥɹ ɩɨɫɭɞɵ. ɂɫɩɚɪɟɧɢɹ ɫɤɚɩɥɢɜɚɸɬɫɹ ɜɧɭɬɪɢ ɩɟɱɢ ɩɪɢ ɟɟ ɞɨɥɝɨɣ ɪɚɛɨɬɟ, ɧɨ ɷɬɨ ɧɢ ɜ

  • Страница 62 из 95

  • Страница 63 из 95

    Ɂɦɿɫɬ ȼɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɩɿɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɧɹ Ɂɚɯɨɞɢ ɛɟɡɩɟɤɢ ȼɚɠɥɢɜɚ ɿɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɿɹ 2-3 4 5-6 ɉɪɢɧɰɢɩ ɪɨɛɨɬɢ ɩɪɢɫɬɪɨɸ 7 ɋɯɟɦɚ ɩɪɢɫɬɪɨɸ 8 ɉɚɧɟɥɶ ɤɟɪɭɜɚɧɧɹ 9 Ɂɚɝɚɥɶɧɿ ɪɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ 10-11 ɉɨɫɭɞ 12-13 ȱɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɿʀ ɩɨ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɸ 14-16 Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɟ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ 17 Ʉɨɪɢɫɧɿ ɩɨɪɚɞɢ ɳɨɞɨ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ 18 Ɋɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ

  • Страница 64 из 95

    ȼɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɩɿɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɧɹ ɉɟɪɟɜɿɪɤɚ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɨʀ ɩɟɱɿ Ɋɨɡɩɚɤɭɣɬɟ ɩɿɱ ɬɚ ɜɢɞɚɥɿɬɶ ɩɚɤɭɜɚɥɶɧɢɣ ɦɚɬɟɪɿɚɥ. ɉɟɪɟɜɿɪɬɟ ɩɿɱ ɧɚ ɧɚɹɜɧɿɫɬɶ ɩɨɲɤɨɞɠɟɧɶ, ɬɚɤɢɯ ɹɤ ɜɦ’ɹɬɢɧɢ, ɬɪɿɳɢɧɢ ɭ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬɚɯ ɚɛɨ ɧɟɫɩɪɚɜɧɿɫɬɶ ɡɚɦɤɭ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬ. ɍ ɪɚɡɿ ɜɢɹɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɛɭɞɶ-ɹɤɢɯ ɩɨɲɤɨɞɠɟɧɶ ɜɿɞɪɚɡɭ ɡɜɟɪɧɿɬɶɫɹ ɞɨ ɜɚɲɨɝɨ ɞɢɥɟɪɚ. ɇɟ

  • Страница 65 из 95

    ȼɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɩɿɞɤɥɸɱɟɧɧɹ ɍȼȺȽȺ! ȼɚɠɥɢɜɿ ɿɧɫɬɪɭɤɰɿʀ ɡ ɛɟɡɩɟɤɢ 1. ɍɳɿɥɶɧɸɜɚɱɿ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬ ɬɚ ɦɿɫɰɹ ʀɯ ɩɪɢɥɹɝɚɧɧɹ ɫɥɿɞ ɩɪɨɬɢɪɚɬɢ ɜɨɥɨɝɨɸ ɫɟɪɜɟɬɤɨɸ. ɉɪɢɫɬɪɿɣ ɫɥɿɞ ɪɟɝɭɥɹɪɧɨ ɩɟɪɟɜɿɪɹɬɢ ɧɚ ɧɚɹɜɧɿɫɬɶ ɩɨɲɤɨɞɠɟɧɶ ɭɳɿɥɶɧɸɜɚɱɿɜ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬ ɬɚ ɦɿɫɰɶ ʀɯ ɩɪɢɥɹɝɚɧɧɹ. ɉɪɢ ɜɢɹɜɥɟɧɧɿ ɩɨɲɤɨɞɠɟɧɶ ɟɤɫɩɥɭɚɬɚɰɿɹ ɩɟɱɿ ɧɟ

  • Страница 66 из 95

    Ɂɚɯɨɞɢ ɛɟɡɩɟɤɢ ȼɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɩɟɱɿ 1. ȼɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɩɿɱ ɬɿɥɶɤɢ ɞɥɹ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ʀɠɿ. ɐɹ ɩɿɱ ɫɩɟɰɿɚɥɶɧɨ ɪɨɡɪɨɛɥɟɧɚ ɞɥɹ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ʀɠɿ, ɬɨɦɭ ɧɟ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ʀʀ ɞɥɹ ɧɚɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ɯɿɦɿɤɚɬɿɜ ɬɚ ɿɧɲɢɯ ɧɟɯɚɪɱɨɜɢɯ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɿɜ. 2. ɉɟɪɟɞ ɡɚɫɬɨɫɭɜɚɧɧɹɦ ɩɟɪɟɤɨɧɚɣɬɟɫɹ, ɳɨ ɩɨɫɭɞ ɚɛɨ ɽɦɧɿɫɬɶ ɩɿɞɯɨɞɢɬɶ

  • Страница 67 из 95

    ȼɚɠɥɢɜɚ ɿɧɮɨɪɦɚɰɿɹ-ɭɜɚɠɧɨ ɩɪɨɱɢɬɚɣɬɟ Ɂɚɯɨɞɢ ɛɟɡɩɟɤɢ əɤɳɨ ɜ ɩɟɱɿ ɡ’ɹɜɢɬɶɫɹ ɞɢɦ ɚɛɨ ɜɨɝɨɧɶ ɧɟɝɚɣɧɨ ɧɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ɤɥɚɜɿɲɭ ɋɬɨɩ/ɋɛɪɨɫ, ɩɨɜɟɪɧɿɬɶ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɩɟɪɟɦɢɤɚɱ ɜ ɧɭɥɶɨɜɟ ɩɨɥɨɠɟɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɡɚɥɢɲɬɟ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬɚ ɩɟɱɿ ɡɚɱɢɧɟɧɢɦɢ ɞɥɹ ɬɨɝɨ ɳɨɛ ɡɚɩɨɛɿɝɬɢ ɪɨɡɩɨɜɫɸɞɠɭɜɚɧɧɸ ɜɨɝɧɸ. ȼɿɞɤɥɸɱɿɬɶ ɲɧɭɪ ɠɢɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɚɛɨ ɟɥɟɤɬɪɢɤɭ

  • Страница 68 из 95

    ȼȺɀɅɂȼȺ ȱɇɎɈɊɆȺɐȱə –ɍȼȺɀɇɈ ɉɊɈɑɂɌȺɃɌȿ 9. Ɍɟɪɦɨɦɟɬɪ ɞɥɹ ɦ’ɹɫɚ ȼɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɬɟɪɦɨɦɟɬɪ ɞɥɹ ɦ’ɹɫɚ ɞɥɹ ɩɟɪɟɜɿɪɤɢ ɫɬɭɩɟɧɹ ɝɨɬɨɜɧɨɫɬɿ ɦ’ɹɫɚ ɬɚ ɩɬɢɰɿ ɬɿɥɶɤɢ ɩɿɫɥɹ ɬɨɝɨ, ɹɤ ɜɢɣɦɟɬɟ ʀɯ ɿɡ ɩɟɱɿ. əɤɳɨ ʀɠɚ ɧɟɝɨɬɨɜɚ, ɩɨɫɬɚɜɬɟ ʀʀ ɞɨ ɩɟɱɿ ɳɟ ɧɚ ɞɟɤɿɥɶɤɚ ɯɜɢɥɢɧ ɧɚ ɪɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɨɜɚɧɢɣ ɪɿɜɟɧɶ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ. ɇɟ ɡɚɥɢɲɚɣɬɟ

  • Страница 69 из 95

    ɉɪɢɦɿɬɤɢ ɉɪɢɧɰɢɩ ɪɨɛɨɬɢ ɩɪɢɫɬɪɨɸ ȿɧɟɪɝɿɹ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɜɚɥɚɫɶ ɞɥɹ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ʀɠɿ ɡ ɩɨɱɚɬɤɭ ɟɤɫɩɟɪɢɦɟɧɬɿɜ ɡ ɪɚɞɚɪɨɦ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ Ⱦɪɭɝɨʀ ɋɜɿɬɨɜɨʀ ȼɿɣɧɢ. Ɇɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɿ ɡɚɜɠɞɢ ɩɪɢɫɭɬɧɿ ɜ ɚɬɦɨɫɮɟɪɿ, ɹɤ ɩɪɢɪɨɞɧɿ ɬɚɤ ɿ ɲɬɭɱɧɿ. Ⱦɨ ɞɪɭɝɢɯ ɜɿɞɧɨɫɹɬɶɫɹ ɪɚɞɚɪɢ, ɪɚɞɿɨ, ɬɟɥɟɛɚɱɟɧɧɹ,

  • Страница 70 из 95

    ɋɯɟɦɚ ɩɪɢɫɬɪɨɸ 1. ɇɟ ɤɨɪɢɫɬɭɣɬɟɫɹ ɩɿɱɱɸ ɛɟɡ ɪɨɥɢɤɨɜɨɝɨ ɤɿɥɶɰɹ ɬɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɨɝɨ ɫɬɨɥɭ ɜɫɟɪɟɞɢɧɿ. 2. ȼɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɫɬɿɥ, ɹɤɢɣ ɩɪɢɡɧɚɱɟɧɢɣ ɫɚɦɟ ɞɥɹ ɰɶɨɝɨ ɬɢɩɭ ɩɟɱɿ. 3. əɤɳɨ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɫɬɿɥ ɝɚɪɹɱɢɣ, ɞɚɣɬɟ ɣɨɦɭ ɨɯɨɥɨɧɭɬɢ, ɩɟɪɲ ɧɿɠ ɦɢɬɢ ɚɛɨ ɱɢɫɬɢɬɢ. 4. ɇɟ ɝɨɬɭɣɬɟ ʀɠɭ ɛɟɡɩɨɫɟɪɟɞɧɶɨ ɧɚ

  • Страница 71 из 95

    ɉȺɇȿɅɖ ɄȿɊɍȼȺɇɇə (1) (2) (3) (4) (2) (3) (4) (6) (5) (7) (8) (1) (9) (10) (5) (1) Ɍɚɣɦɟɪ (2) ɉɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɩɟɪɟɦɢɤɚɱ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɪɟɠɢɦɭ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ (3) ɉɨɬɭɠɧɿɫɬɶ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɨɝɨ ɪɟɠɢɦɭ (4) ɉɨɬɭɠɧɿɫɬɶ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ (5) Ʉɥɚɜɿɲɚ ɜɿɞɤɪɢɜɚɧɧɹ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬ Ɂɜɭɤɨɜɢɣ ɫɢɝɧɚɥ:NN-ST270S/NN-ST250M/NN-ST250W əɤɳɨ

  • Страница 72 из 95

    ɁȺȽȺɅɖɇȱ ɊȿɄɈɆȿɇȾȺɐȱȲ ɑȺɋ ȼɂɌɊɂɆɄɂ ɓɿɥɶɧɚ ʀɠɚ, ɧɚɩɪɢɤɥɚɞ ɦ’ɹɫɨ, ɤɚɪɬɨɩɥɹ ɬɚ ɜɢɩɿɱɤɚ ɩɨɬɪɟɛɭɸɬɶ ɱɚɫɭ ɜɢɬɪɢɦɤɢ (ɭɫɟɪɟɞɢɧɿ/ɧɚɡɨɜɧɿ ɩɟɱɿ) ɩɿɫɥɹ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ, ɞɥɹ ɬɨɝɨ ɳɨɛ ɞɨɡɜɨɥɢɬɢ ɬɟɩɥɭ ɪɿɜɧɨɦɿɪɧɨ ɪɨɡɩɨɞɿɥɢɬɢɫɹ ɜɫɟɪɟɞɢɧɿ ɫɬɪɚɜɢ. Ɇ’ɹɫɨ, ɡɚɝɨɪɧɭɬɟ ɜ ɫɩɟɰɿɚɥɶɧɢɣ ɩɚɩɿɪ ɚɛɨ ɤɚɪɬɨɩɥɹ ɡɿ ɲɤɿɪɤɨɸ ɭ ɮɨɥɶɡɿ

  • Страница 73 из 95

    ɁȺȽȺɅɖɇȱ ɊȿɄɈɆȿɇȾȺɐȱȲ ɎɈɊɆȺ ɉȿɊȿȼȱɊɄȺ ȽɈɌɈȼɇɈɋɌȱ Ȳɀȱ ɇɚɜɿɬɶ ɮɨɪɦɢ ɜɩɥɢɜɚɸɬɶ ɧɚ ɩɪɨɰɟɫ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ. ɉɪɨɞɭɤɬɢ ɩɪɚɜɢɥɶɧɨʀ ɮɨɪɦɢ ɝɨɬɭɸɬɶɫɹ ɪɿɜɧɨɦɿɪɧɿɲɟ. ɋɬɪɚɜɢ ɝɨɬɭɸɬɶɫɹ ɲɜɢɞɲɟ ɭ ɤɪɭɝɥɢɯ ɽɦɧɨɫɬɹɯ, ɧɿɠ ɭ ɩɪɹɦɨɤɭɬɧɢɯ. Ɂɜɢɱɚɣɧɨ, ɩɿɫɥɹ ɪɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɨɜɚɧɨɝɨ ɱɚɫɭ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ, ɧɚɜɿɬɶ ɹɤɳɨ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɜɚɥɚɫɹ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɚ

  • Страница 74 из 95

    ɉɨɫɭɞ ȼɢɛɿɪ ɩɨɫɭɞɭ ɞɭɠɟ ɜɚɠɥɢɜɢɣ ɞɥɹ ɩɪɚɜɢɥɶɧɨɝɨ ɩɪɨɰɟɫɭ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ. ɉɟɪɟɜɿɪɤɚ ɩɪɢɞɚɬɧɨɫɬɿ ɩɨɫɭɞɭ ɊȿɁɍɅɖɌȺɌɂ əɤɳɨ ɩɨɫɭɞ ɩɪɢɞɚɬɧɢɣ ɞɥɹ əɤɳɨ ɜɢ ɧɟ ɜɩɟɜɧɟɧɿ, ɳɨ ɩɨɫɭɞ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɭ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ, ɜɿɧ ɛɭɞɟ ɯɨɥɨɞɧɢɣ, ɚ ɜɨɞɚ ɭ ɹɤɢɣ ɜɢ ɡɛɢɪɚɽɬɟɫɶ ɦɿɪɧɨɦɭ ɤɭɯɥɿ ɩɨɱɧɟ ɧɚɝɪɿɜɚɬɢɫɹ . ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɜɚɬɢ

  • Страница 75 из 95

    ɉɨɫɭɞ ɉɅȺɋɌɂɄ Ȼɿɥɶɲɿɫɬɶ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɢɯ ɤɨɧɬɟɣɧɟɪɿɜ ɩɪɢɞɚɬɧɿ ɞɥɹ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɭ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ. ɇɟ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤ ɞɨ ɫɤɥɚɞɭ ɹɤɨɝɨ ɜɯɨɞɢɬɶ ɦɟɥɚɦɿɧ, ɬɨɦɭ ɳɨ ɜɿɧ ɦɨɠɟ ɪɨɡɩɥɚɜɢɬɢɫɹ. ɇɟ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɢɣ ɩɨɫɭɞ ɞɥɹ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ʀɠɿ ɡ ɜɢɫɨɤɢɦ ɜɦɿɫɬɨɦ ɰɭɤɪɭ ɚɛɨ ɠɢɪɭ, ɚɛɨ ʀɠɿ ɹɤɚ ɩɨɬɪɟɛɭɽ

  • Страница 76 из 95

    Ƚɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɜ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɨɦɭ ɪɟɠɢɦɿ ɞɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɿ NN-SM220W ɋɩɨɠɢɜɚɧɚ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɿɫɬɶ Ɇɚɤɫɢɦɚɥɶɧɚ 700 ȼɬ ɋɟɪɟɞɧɹ 600 ȼɬ ɋɟɪɟɞɧɹ 360 ȼɬ Ɋɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ Ʉɢɩ’ɹɬɿɧɧɹ 270 ȼɬ 200 ȼɬ ɉɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɩɟɪɟɦɢɤɚɱ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɪɿɜɧɹ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ. y y ȼɫɬɚɧɨɜɿɬɶ ɱɚɫ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɡɚ ɞɨɩɨɦɨɝɨɸ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɨɝɨ ɩɟɪɟɦɢɤɚɱɚ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ

  • Страница 77 из 95

    ȼɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ɝɨɞɢɧɧɢɤɚ ɞɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣNN-ST270S/NN-ST250M/NN-ST250W əɤɳɨ ɜɢ ɩɟɪɲɢɣ ɪɚɡ ɭɜɿɦɤɧɭɥɢ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɭ ɩɿɱ ɧɚ ɞɢɫɩɥɟʀ ɛɭɞɟ ɜɿɞɨɛɪɚɠɚɬɢɫɹ ”88.88”. ɇɚɩɪɢɤɥɚɞ 11:25 ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ 11 ɪɚɡɿɜ ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ɩ'ɹɬɶ ɪɚɡɿɜ ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ɞɜɿɱɿ (ɞɥɹ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ 10 ɯɜɢɥɢɧ) •ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ Ʉɥɚɜɿɲɭ •ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ Ʉɥɚɜɿɲɿ

  • Страница 78 из 95

    Ƚɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɜ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɨɦɭ ɪɟɠɢɦɿ ɬɚ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɞɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣ NN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɉɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɫɬɿɥ ɩɨɜɢɧɟɧ ɛɭɬɢ ɩɪɚɜɢɥɶɧɨ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɥɟɧɢɣ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ ɤɨɪɢɫɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɩɿɱɱɸ. ɉɨɬɭɠɧɿɫɬɶ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ ȼɬ 1. ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ȼɢɫɨɤɚ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɿɫɬɶ 700 ȼɬ 2. ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ Ɋɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ 270 ȼɬ 3. ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ɋɟɪɟɞɧɹ

  • Страница 79 из 95

    Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɟ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɞɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣNN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɐɹ ɮɭɧɤɰɿɹ ɞɨɡɜɨɥɹɽ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɨ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɬɢ ɯɥɿɛ ɬɚ ɲɦɚɬɤɢ ɦ’ɹɫɚ ɩɿɫɥɹ ɜɜɟɞɟɧɧɹ ɜɚɝɢ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɿɜ. • Ɉɛɟɪɿɬɶ ɛɚɠɚɧɭ ɩɪɨɝɪɚɦɭ. ɇɚɬɢɫɧɿɬɶ ɤɥɚɜɿɲɭ 1 ɪɚɡ ɞɥɹ ɜɢɛɨɪɭ ɦɚɥɟɧɶɤɢɯ ɲɦɚɬɨɱɤɿɜ, ɞɜɿɱɿ – ɞɥɹ ɜɟɥɢɤɢɯ ɲɦɚɬɤɿɜ, ɬɪɢɱɿ – ɞɥɹ

  • Страница 80 из 95

    ɄɈɊɂɋɇȱ ɉɈɊȺȾɂ ɓɈȾɈ ɊɈɁɆɈɊɈɀɍ ȼȺɇɇə Ⱦɥɹ ɨɬɪɢɦɚɧɧɹ ɤɪɚɳɢɯ ɪɟɡɭɥɶɬɚɬɿɜ: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ɉɨɤɥɚɞɿɬɶ ʀɠɭ ɜ ɩɨɫɭɞ , ɩɪɢɞɚɬɧɢɣ ɞɥɹ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɜ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ. ɒɦɚɬɤɢ ɦ’ɹɫɚ ɬɚ ɤɭɪɤɢ ɧɟɨɛɯɿɞɧɨ ɪɨɡɬɚɲɭɜɚɬɢ ɧɚ ɩɟɪɟɜɟɪɧɭɬɨɦɭ ɛɥɸɞɿ ɚɛɨ ɧɚ ɫɩɟɰɿɚɥɶɧɿɣ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɿɣ ɩɿɞɫɬɚɜɰɿ . ɉɟɪɟɜɿɪɹɣɬɟ ʀɠɭ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ

  • Страница 81 из 95

    ɊɈɁɆɈɊɈɀɍȼȺɇɇə ɉɊɈȾɍɄɌȱȼ Ɂ ɍɊȺɏɍȼȺɇɇəɆ ȼȺȽɂ ɌȺ ɑȺɋɍ ɇɚɞɚɧɢɣ ɧɢɠɱɟ ɱɚɫ ɽ ɨɪɿɽɧɬɨɜɧɢɦ. Ɂɚɜɠɞɢ ɩɟɪɟɜɿɪɹɣɬɟ ɫɬɚɧ ʀɠɿ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ.Ⱦɥɹ ɛɿɥɶɲɨʀ ɤɿɥɶɤɨɫɬɿ ʀɠɿ ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɿɬɶ ɜɿɞɩɨɜɿɞɧɢɣ ɱɚɫ. Ȳɠɭ ɧɟ ɩɨɬɪɿɛɧɨ ɧɚɤɪɢɜɚɬɢ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ. ɑɚɫ ɑɚɫ Ɇ’ɹɫɨ ȼɤɚɡɿɜɤɢ ɜɢɬɪɢɦɤɢ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɉɨɤɥɚɞɿɬɶ ɭ

  • Страница 82 из 95

    Ɋɟɠɢɦ Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɨɝɨ Ɋɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ/Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɨɝɨ Ƚɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɞɥɹ ɦɨɞɟɥɟɣNN-ST270S / NN - ST250M / NN-ST250W ɐɹ ɮɭɧɤɰɿɹ ɞɨɡɜɨɥɹɽ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɬɢ ɚɛɨ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɬɢ ʀɠɭ, ɜɫɬɚɧɨɜɢɜɲɢ ɥɢɲɟ ɜɚɝɭ. ɉɿɱ ɚɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɨ ɜɢɡɧɚɱɚɽ ɪɿɜɟɧɶ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ, ɚ ɩɨɬɿɦ ɱɚɫ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ. Ɉɛɟɪɿɬɶ ɤɚɬɟɝɨɪɿɸ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɭ , ɚ ɩɨɬɿɦ ɥɢɲɟ ɜɜɟɞɿɬɶ ɜɚɝɭ.

  • Страница 83 из 95

    ɉɪɨɝɪɚɦɢ Ⱥɜɬɨɦɚɬɢɱɧɨɝɨ Ɋɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ 3. Ɋɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ɧɚɩɨɸ (2 ɱɚɲɤɢ/300ɦɥ) ɐɹ ɩɪɨɝɪɚɦɚ ɩɪɢɡɧɚɱɟɧɚ ɞɥɹ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ɞɜɨɯ ɱɚɲɨɤ ɡ ɧɚɩɨɽɦ (ɧɚɩɪɢɤɥɚɞ, ɱɚɣ, ɤɚɜɚ, ɦɨɥɨɤɨ ɬɚ ɫɭɩ). Ɉɛɟɪɿɬɶ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ 2 ɱɚɲɨɤ, ɜɜɟɞɿɬɶ ɜɚɝɭ (300ɦɥ). ɉɿɫɥɹ ɡɚɜɟɪɲɟɧɧɹ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ ɪɟɬɟɥɶɧɨ ɩɟɪɟɦɿɲɚɣɬɟ. Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ ɳɨɞɨ

  • Страница 84 из 95

    Ʉɨɪɢɫɧɿ ɩɨɪɚɞɢ ɳɨɞɨ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɬɚ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɧɧɹ Ȼɿɥɶɲɿɫɬɶ ɩɪɨɞɭɤɬɿɜ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɜɚɽɬɶɫɹ ɞɭɠɟ ɲɜɢɞɤɨ ɭ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ ɧɚ ɜɢɫɨɤɿɣ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ. Ȳɠɭ ɦɨɠɧɚ ɩɿɞɿɝɪɿɬɢ ɡɚ ɥɿɱɟɧɿ ɯɜɢɥɢɧɢ ɩɟɪɟɞ ɩɨɞɚɱɟɸ, ɳɨɛ ɜɨɧɚ ɛɭɥɚ ɝɚɪɹɱɨɸ ɬɚ ɜɢɝɥɹɞɚɥɚ ɹɤ ɳɨɣɧɨ ɩɪɢɝɨɬɨɜɚɧɚ. Ɂɚɜɠɞɢ ɩɟɪɟɜɿɪɹɣɬɟ, ɳɨɛ ʀɠɚ ɛɭɥɚ ɞɨɫɬɚɬɧɶɨ ɝɚɪɹɱɨɸ

  • Страница 85 из 95

    ɊɈɁȱȽɊȱȼȺɇɇə ɉɊɈȾɍɄɌȱȼ Ɂ ɍɊȺɏɍȼȺɇɇəɆ ɄȱɅɖɄɈɋɌȱ/ȼȺȽɂ ɌȺ ɑȺɋɍ ɇɚɞɚɧɢɣ ɧɢɠɱɟ ɱɚɫ ɽ ɨɪɿɽɧɬɨɜɧɢɦ. Ɂɚɜɠɞɢ ɩɟɪɟɜɿɪɹɣɬɟ ɫɬɚɧ ʀɠɿ, ɜɿɞɤɪɢɜɚɸɱɢ ɞɜɟɪɰɹɬɚ, ɚ ɩɨɬɿɦ ɩɪɨɞɨɜɠɭɣɬɟ ɩɪɨɰɟɫ ɪɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɑɚɫ ɋɬɪɚɜɢ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ ȼɚɝɚ/Ʉɿɥɶɤɿɫɬɶ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɧɢɣ) ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ ɋȼȱɀɂɃ ɏɅȱȻ – ɇȺɉȱȼɎȺȻɊɂɄȺɌɂ – ɍȼȺȽȺ!ɏɥɿɛ,

  • Страница 86 из 95

    ɊɈɁȱȽɊȱȼȺɇɇə ɉɊɈȾɍɄɌȱȼ Ɂ ɍɊȺɏɍȼȺɇɇəɆ ɄȱɅɖɄɈɋɌȱ/ȼȺȽɂ ɌȺ ɑȺɋɍ ɑɚɫ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ ȼɚɝɚ/ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ Ʉɿɥɶɤɿɫɬɶ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɧɢɣ) ȼɂɊɈȻɂ Ɂ ɌȱɋɌȺ – ɇȺɉȱȼɎȺȻɊɂɄȺɌɂ – ɍȼȺȽȺ! ȼɢɩɿɱɤɚ ɪɨɡɿɝɪɿɬɚ ɭ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ ɛɭɞɟ ɞɭɠɟ ɦ’ɹɤɨɸ. ɉɢɪɿɝ ɡ ɤɚɪɬɨɩɥɟɸ 600ɝ ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 5-5.5ɯɜ. Ʉɨɪɧɿɣɫɶɤɚ ɩɚɫɬɚ 227ɝ(1) ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ

  • Страница 87 из 95

    ȽɈɌɍȼȺɇɇə Ȳɀȱ ɋɬɪɚɜɢ ȼɚɝɚ/ Ʉɿɥɶɤɿɫɬɶ ɋɜɿɠɢɣ ɛɟɤɨɧ ɒɦɚɬɨɱɤɢ 130ɝ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ ɑɚɫ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɧɢɣ) Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 2-3 ɚɛɨ 30-40 ɫɟɤ. ɧɚ ɤɨɠɟɧ ɲɦɚɬɨɱɨɤ ɉɨɤɥɚɞɿɬɶ ɭ ɜɿɞɩɨɜɿɞɧɢɣ ɩɨɫɭɞ ɚɛɨ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɨɜɭɣɬɟ ɫɩɟɰɿɚɥɶɧɭ ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɭ ɩɿɞɫɬɚɜɤɭ, ɩɨɫɬɚɜɬɟ ɧɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɫɬɿɥ. ȻɈȻɈȼȱ – ɩɨɩɟɪɟɞɧɶɨ ɡɚɦɨɱɟɧɿ ɭ

  • Страница 88 из 95

    ȽɈɌɍȼȺɇɇə Ȳɀȱ ȼɚɝɚ/ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ ɑɚɫ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ Ʉɿɥɶɤɿɫɬɶ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɧɢɣ) ɋȼȱɀȺ ɊɂȻȺ – ɁȺɆɈɊɈɀȿɇȺ ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 5ɯɜ. Ɏɿɥɟ ɩɿɤɲɿ ɉɨɤɥɚɞɿɬɶ ɭ ɜɿɞɩɨɜɿɞɧɢɣ ɩɨɫɭɞ. 380ɝ(4) ɋɟɪɟɞɧɿɣ Ⱦɨɞɚɣɬɟ 30ɦɥ ɪɿɞɢɧɢ. ɇɚɤɪɢɣɬɟ 5-6ɯɜ. ɬɚ ɩɨɫɬɚɜɬɟ ɧɚ ɩɨɜɨɪɨɬɧɢɣ ɫɬɿɥ. ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 10-12ɯɜ. ɐɿɥɚ ɪɢɛɚ 450ɝ (2) Ɋɨɡɦɨɪɨɠɭɜɚɧɧɹ 5ɯɜ.

  • Страница 89 из 95

    ȽɈɌɍȼȺɇɇə Ȳɀȱ ɋɬɪɚɜɢ ȼɚɝɚ/Ʉɿɥɶɤɿɫɬɶ Ɋɿɜɟɧɶ ɑɚɫ Ɋɟɤɨɦɟɧɞɚɰɿʀ ɩɨɬɭɠɧɨɫɬɿ (ɩɪɢɛɥɢɡɧɢɣ) ɄɈȼȻȺɋɄɂ (ɧɚɩɿɜɮɚɛɪɢɤɚɬɢ) – ɍȼȺȽȺ! – Ƚɚɪɹɱɢɣ ɠɢɪ! Ɉɛɟɪɟɠɧɨ ɜɢɣɦɚɣɬɟ ɫɬɪɚɜɭ ɡ ɩɟɱɿ. Ɍɨɜɫɬɿ 240ɝ (4) ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 2.5-3ɯɜ. ɉɨɤɥɚɞɿɬɶ ɧɚ ɫɩɟɰɿɚɥɶɧɭ ȼɢɫɨɤɢɣ 1.5-2ɯɜ. Ɍɨɧɤɿ 110ɝ (4) ɩɥɚɫɬɢɤɨɜɭ ɩɿɞɫɬɚɜɤɭ ɚɛɨ ɭ ɜɿɞɩɨɜɿɞɧɢɣ

  • Страница 90 из 95

    ɉɟɪɟɞ ɬɢɦ ɹɤ ɡɜɟɪɬɚɬɢɫɶ ɞɨ ɫɟɪɜɿɫɧɨɝɨ ɰɟɧɬɪɭ ɇɈɊɆȺɅɖɇI əȼɂɓȺ: Ɇɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɚ ɩɿɱ ɜɢɤɥɢɤɚɽ ɩɟɪɟɲɤɨɞɢ ɜ ɪɨɛɨɬɿ ɬɟɥɟɜɿɡɨɪɚ. Ⱦɟɹɤɿ ɩɟɪɟɲɤɨɞɢ ɜ ɪɨɛɨɬɿ Ɍȼ ɬɚ ɪɚɞɿɨ ɩɪɢɣɦɚɱɿɜ ɦɨɠɭɬɶ ɜɢɧɢɤɚɬɢ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ ɝɨɬɭɜɚɧɧɹ ɫɬɪɚɜ ɭ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɿɣ ɩɟɱɿ. ɉɨɞɿɛɧɿ ɩɟɪɟɲɤɨɞɢ ɜɢɧɢɤɚɸɬɶ ɩɿɞ ɱɚɫ ɜɢɤɨɪɢɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɦɚɥɢɯ

  • Страница 91 из 95

    ȾɈȽɅəȾ ɌȺ Ɍȿɏɇȱɑɇȿ ɈȻɋɅɍȽɈȼɍȼȺɇɇə ɆȱɄɊɈɏȼɂɅɖɈȼɈȲ ɉȿɑȱ 1. ɉɟɪɟɞ ɩɨɱɚɬɤɨɦ ɱɢɳɟɧɧɹ ɜɿɞɤɥɸɱɿɬɶ ɩɿɱ ɬɚ ɜɿɞ’ɽɞɧɚɣɬɟ ɜɢɥɤɭ ɜɿɞ ɪɨɡɟɬɤɢ. 2. ȼɧɭɬɪɿɲɧɿ ɩɨɜɟɪɯɧɿ ɦɿɤɪɨɯɜɢɥɶɨɜɨʀ ɩɟɱɿ ɩɨɜɢɧɧɿ ɛɭɬɢ ɱɢɫɬɢɦɢ. əɤɳɨ ɱɚɫɬɤɢ ʀɠɿ ɚɛɨ ɛɪɢɡɤɢ ɜɿɞ ɪɿɞɢɧɢ ɩɪɢɫɬɚɸɬɶ ɞɨ ɫɬɿɧɨɤ ɩɟɱɿ, ʀɯ ɬɪɟɛɚ ɩɪɨɬɟɪɬɢ ɜɨɥɨɝɨɸ ɫɟɪɜɟɬɤɨɸ. 3.

  • Страница 92 из 95

    ɉɪɢɦɿɬɤɚ: Ⱦɚɬɭ ɜɢɝɨɬɨɜɥɟɧɧɹ ȼɢ ɦɨɠɟɬɟ ɡ‘ɹɫɭɜɚɬɢ ɡɚ ɫɟɪɿɣɧɢɦ ɧɨɦɟɪɨɦ, ɳɨ ɪɨɡɦɿɳɟɧɢɣ ɧɚ ɛɨɤɨɜɿɣ ɩɚɧɟɥɿ ɜɢɪɨɛɭ. ɋɟɪɿɣɧɢɣ ɧɨɦɟɪ ɏɏɯɯɯ 1-ɲɚ ɰɢɮɪɚ: ɪɿɤ (ɨɫɬɚɧɧɹ ɰɢɮɪɚ ɧɨɦɟɪɚ ɪɨɤɭ) 3 - 2003, 4 - 2004, 5 – 2005 ... 2-ɝɚ ɰɢɮɪɚ: ɦɿɫɹɰɶ (ɡɚ ɚɛɟɬɤɨɸ) A - ɋɿɱɟɧɶ, B - Ʌɸɬɢɣ, ... L - Ƚɪɭɞɟɧɶ *Company assurance of

  • Страница 93 из 95

  • Страница 94 из 95

    Panasonic Corporation䇭Kitchen Appliances Business Unit 2-3-1-1 Noji-higashi,Kusatsu City,Shiga 525-8520, Japan Web Site: http://panasonic.net ɉɚɧɚɫɨɧɢɤ Ʉɨɪɩɨɪɷɣɲɧ䇭Ʉɢɬɱɟɧ ɗɩɥɚɣɷɧɫɢɡ Ȼɢɡɧɟɫ ɘɧɢɬ 2-3-1-1 ɇɨɞɠɢ-ɯɢɝɚɲɢ, Ʉɭɫɚɰɭ ɋɢɬɢ, ɒɢɝɚ 525-8520, əɩɨɧɢɹ Веб-cайты: http://panasonic.net

  • Страница 95 из 95

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