Инструкция по эксплуатации для Archos Pocket Video Recorder AV400

Инструкция для Archos Pocket Video Recorder AV400

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• MPEG-4 Video Player & Recorder 

• MP3 & WMA Music Player 

• Photo Viewer 

• USB 2.0 Hard Disk 

• Digital Audio Recorder


User Manual for ARCHOS Pocket AV400        

Manual version 2.0 pn: 103090V2 

English Language User Manual

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Table of Contents

1  INTRO - Ports, Buttons and Connections  


2   INTRO - First Time Usage  



Plugging in the AC Adapter 



Turning on the AV400 



Shutting off the AV400 and Battery saving features 



Changing the Language 



Foreign Character Sets 



Charging the Batteries  



Caring for the AV400 



Hardware Reset 


3  MUSIC - Playing Music Files  



Button Control 



Playing Through your Stereo System 



Artist, Album, Title … ID3 Tags 



The ARCLibrary (Browsing by Album, Artist, or Song name) 



Setting a Bookmark 



The Resume Function 


4  MUSIC - Playlists  



Playing a Playlist 



Creating a Playlist 



Saving a Playlist 



Adding songs to a Playlist while listening to Music 


5  MUSIC - Recording Music 



Cable Connections for Audio Recording 



Recording Procedure 






Where is the Recording Saved? 



Audio Editing 


6  MUSIC - Using Windows™ Media Player 9  


6.1   Installing Windows Media Player 9 



Installing the WMP9 Service Provider Plug-in 



Copying Music to your AV400 


7  MUSIC - Using iTunes™ with your AV400 


8  VIDEO - Playing Video  



Setting a Bookmark 



The Resume Function 



Display Format Settings 



Playing Video Files from the Internet 


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    Table of Contents English Language User Manual 1 INTRO - Ports, Buttons and Connections 2 INTRO - First Time Usage 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 3 • • • • • MPEG-4 Video Player & Recorder MP3 & WMA Music Player Photo Viewer USB 2.0 Hard Disk Digital Audio Recorder 6 1 2 Playing a Playlist

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    9 VIDEO - Recording MPEG4 Video Files 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 Setting the Recording Parameters Where is the Recording Saved? Copy Protection Manually Setting the Scheduler 29 10 Automated Yahoo!® TV Recording Scheduler Part 1: Choose your Device, Brand and Model Part 2: Testing the Emitter codes 17.1 17.2

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    INTRO - Ports, Buttons and Connections Dear Customer, ARCHOS thanks you for your choice of this exciting AV400 product. Never before has one been able to carry with him or her so much information, be it MP3 digital music, MPEG-4 digital videos or digital photos, and be able to enjoy these without a

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    INTRO - First Time Usage Please take the time to read though this manual. There are many things that this device can do that you may not be aware of. a b c LCD/TV button – Hold down for 3 seconds to switch between LCD and external TV display Microphone – for making digital voice recordings

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    2.4 4 hours* of AVI video playback time (on the built-in screen) from the batteries. Some AV400 models are made with integrated batteries which are designed to last for the life of the AV400. This means that you will not have to change them. If, in the exceptional case, the batteries need changing,

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    To lock the AV400 buttons, press and hold the left function button for three seconds. The AV400 will display the message “Buttons locked!” on the bottom of the screen. Press this again for three seconds to unlock the buttons. MUSIC - Playing Music Files When you click on this icon in the main

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    3.3 your AV400’s hard drive regardless of which folder you placed it in, by using the ID3 information in each song. When you transfer music to your AV400 from your computer, it goes directly to the AV400 hard disk without the ARCLibrary knowing about the new song. Thus, in order for your new songs

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    Resume: Start playing from the bookmarked position. Ignore: Keep the bookmark but start playing from the very beginning. Clear beginning. 3.6 MUSIC - Playlists A Playlist is a list of songs that the AV400 will automatically play one after the other. The AV400 can load one playlist at a time into

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    4.2 Creating a Playlist To create a Playlist, press the RIGHT ► button while you are in the Music browser. A second window will open on the right side to display the Playlist contents. You can now start adding songs to the current Playlist. In the left window, search for the songs you would like to

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    MUSIC - Recording Music With the AV400 series, you do not need a computer to create digital an analog line source (ex: HiFi system, Boombox, CD Player, etc) into a standard Windows® WAV format, either PCM (uncompressed) or ADPCM (compressed). 5.1 Cable Connections for Audio Recording 3. Click on

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    To keep just this section (cropping it), you will: • • • • • 5.3 Where is the Recording Saved? The default location for audio recordings is the folder called Music. If you click on the Music icon in the main menu, you will go to this folder. Notice that the right function button is labeled Record.

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    you can download it from the Archos website ‘software’ category (www.archos.com). With your AV400 still connected to your computer, start Windows Media Player. Normally, you will connect your AV400 to your computer before you run the WMP9 program. If you connect it after WMP9 has been started, you

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    MUSIC - Using iTunes™ with your AV400 VIDEO - Playing Video Macintosh® computer and your AV400 is to use the then click on PLAY/GO . The thumbnail images on the right side will show you a frame from the highlighted video your Macintosh®. By clicking on the Video icon in the main menu, you will

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    8.3 • Click on the left function button to put the video into slow-motion view. You can cycle through the values Normal, ½ , ¼ , and 1/8 speed. The sound is muted when in slow motion. While in slow mode and paused, you can step image per image with the LEFT button. Display Format Settings You will

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    9.1 VIDEO - Recording MPEG4 Video Files Setting the Recording Parameters 1. Select VideoCorder on the main menu screen. In the pre-record screen, you should see movement on the sound level bar indicating that sound will be recorded. Adjust the sound level by clicking the LEFT/RIGHT buttons. Before

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    Resolution 9.2 Where is the Recording Saved? 9.3 Copy Protection 9.4 Manually Setting the Scheduler Bitrate Sampling 32kHz, 48kHz. The sound sampling rate. The higher value gives a higher quality sound but will take up more space on the hard drive. Brightness Use this to increase or decrease the

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    • When the user interface is in English, the Date format is set to Month/ Day. • If the end time is earlier than the start time, then it is assumed that you start recording on the start date, and the recording ends on the the screen above will start recording on the 16th day of June, and end on the

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    in your list of channels, it will put the event into the scheduler and mark it with a ?, indicating that you must assign a channel number to the name. Move the cursor to the line containing the ?, and click on the center function button “Set Channel”. You can now scroll through the channel numbers

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    calendar to set your recording scheduler, any unknown station name will be indicated in the scheduler with a ?. You then have the possibility to assign a channel number to the station name by clicking VIDEO – Setting the Infrared Emitter Code all the station names and channel numbers by hand. 11.2

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    off. Click this test button again and your device should change from on to off or off to on. If pressing this button does not turn on and off your device, try the next code for your device (step 3 above). If none of the codes work, check that the infrared emitter is directly over the infrared

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    VIDEO - Creating MPEG4 video files with your computer IMPORTANT NOTE: When you pause at a given point to make a Start or End Mark, the actual point of the cut will be the nearest I-Frame. I-Frames are special can cut ONLY at an I-Frame. It is thus recommended that when you pause at the point you

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    13.1 Installing the PC Software in the default location, you will have to show the program where Virtual Dub is. you will need to re-encode it using the following utilities. For the AV400, If MP4SP detects a suitable MP3 codec on your PC, it will use it, and your resolution up to 720 x 576

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    decrease the resolution. Choosing LCD for viewing on the built in LCD screen. Choosing the TV option will optimize the movie to keep the highest possible frame rate. You can see what the size and frame rate will be by looking at the Video Image Size: Destination parameters. When choosing TV, it is

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    Rotate picture 90° left PHOTO - Viewing Photos View next photo The AV400 series support the viewing of JPEG (.jpg) and Bitmap (.bmp) image formats. Progressive JPEG images are built-in screen or on a television screen if you choose the Rotate picture 90° right View previous photo • Click the left

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    When you insert the card, the AV400 will recognize it and open up two browser windows. The left window will show the contents of your CompactFlash™ (CF) card* and the right window will show the contents of your AV400’s hard drive. Navigate to the folder on your CF card which contains your photos

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    Rename will be sent to the virtual keyboard (see section 15.3) to enter folder. Create: Create a new folder in the current level of the directory. You will be sent to the virtual keyboard (see section 15.3) to enter the new folder name. 15.2 Navigating the Directory Structure Depending on where you

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    Connecting/Disconnecting the AV400 to/from your PC Note that when the AV400 is connected to a computer, it will use more energy than usual. Your battery power will be consumed at a higher rate than normal. If the AV400 looses power while connected to your computer you could damage your directory

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    and the AV400 using Windows® Explorer. Be careful also to understand the correct disconnection procedure in section 16.2. Incorrect disconnection can cause your computer to freeze or you may loose data. You must update your operating system to a minimum of version 9.2. Once done, you will not need

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    5. Windows will indicate when it has 2. Click on the icon to eject (unmount) the AV400 from the computer and select the ‘Safely remove’ message. Finish. Do not unplug the AV400 from the computer yet. Windows® XP Windows® 98SE 3. There will be a message indicating that it is now safe to disconnect

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    The Sound Parameters SETTINGS Parameter From the home screen, select the Setup option to reveal the menu options for various settings. Description Built-in Speaker Turns on and off the built-in speaker. Same as long press on the center function button. Volume 32 levels of volume (0-31). Bass 10

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    17.3 Clock Settings Play Mode The AV400 has an internal real time clock. The time of day is shown on the top right of the screen in either 24 hour or 12 hour display mode. To set it, go to Setup then select Clock. AV400 is currently playing from a Playlist Choose parameter Folder: Play all tracks

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    Setting 17.5 Power Settings Description Language The AV400 can be set to English (default), French, or German. TV Standard NTSC (USA), PAL (Europe). In order to view images or videos on an external television, select one option to send the video signal compatible with your country’s television

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    Increasing the hard disk value beyond the default may actually discharge the battery even when the Charger/adapter is plugged in. Note also that your unit will run hotter when the backlight and hard disk are on for long periods of time. Updating the AV400 Firmware Operating System (OS) Archos

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    Technical Support • For warranty and services purposes, keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase. The serial number for the AV420 model can be found in the battery compartment. • If technical support (Telephone or E-mail) determines that your product needs to be returned, please contact the

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    WWW.ARCHOS.COM Troubleshooting 20.1 USB Connection issues Problem: I cannot get my AV400 to be recognized by the computer. Solutions: • United States & Canada Europe & Asia ARCHOS Technology ARCHOS S.A. 3, Goodyear - Unit A Irvine, CA 92618 USA Phone: 1 949-609-1483 Fax: 1 949-609-1414 12, rue

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    20.4 The Computer locks-up (freezes operation) or Stops show up in Windows XP for over one minute, and then it comes up as local drive. Use DOS Utility ChkDsk as shown below. • Problem: The computer locks-up. Answer: Most likely because you did not use the green ‘safely remove hardware’ icon in the

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    Problem: I want to reformat the AV400’s hard disk. Answer: You can do this, but it will erase ALL of the data on your AV400. Sometimes this may be necessary if your FAT (File Allocation Table) • • • as explained below, you should run ScanDisk or the DOS chkdsk (Check and you are sure you must

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    Technical Specifications Legal Warranty and Limited Liability ARCHOS VIDEO AV400 series Storage Capacity Model AV4xx : xx = Size of Hard Drive in Gigabytes* Computer Interface High Speed USB 2.0 (compatible USB 1.1) Image Playback JPG and BMP (4, 8, 24 bit) images, any size Audio Playback Stereo

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    Warnings and Safety Instructions Copyright Notice CAUTION Copyright ARCHOS © 2003 All rights reserved. This document may not, in whole or part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form without prior consent, in writing, from ARCHOS.

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