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• MPEG-4 Video Player 

• MP3 & WMA Music Player 

• Photo Viewer 

• USB 2.0 Hard Disk

• Game player 

User Manual for ARCHOS Gmini™ 400 

Version 1.1

English Language User Manual

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Pocket Music / Photo / Games / Video

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    English Language User Manual Gmini™ 400 Pocket Music / Photo / Games / Video • • • • • MPEG-4 Video Player MP3 & WMA Music Player Photo Viewer USB 2.0 Hard Disk Game player User Manual for ARCHOS Gmini™ 400 Version 1.1 Please visit our website to download the most recent manual and software for

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    Table of Contents 1 INTRO - Ports, Buttons and Connections 2 INTRO - First Time Usage 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 3 5.3 5.4 11 12 13 13 14 15 16 Playing a Playlist Creating a Playlist Saving a Playlist Adding songs to a Playlist while listening to Music 16 17 17 18 Cable Connections for Audio

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    9 VIDEO - Playing Video 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 29 Setting a Bookmark The Resume Function Display Format Settings Playing Video Files from the Internet 30 30 31 31 10 VIDEO - Creating MPEG4 video files with your computer 10.1 10.2 How to create an MPEG-4 video file PC Tools Macintosh Users Installing the

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    15 Updating the Gmini 400 Firmware Operating System (OS) Download the Update_Gmini400.AOS file Read the History.txt File Copy to Gmini 400 root and Update 56 56 56 56 16 Technical Support 58 17 Troubleshooting 17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 4 USB Connection issues Charging and Power issues Gmini 400

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    Dear Customer, ARCHOS thanks you for your choice of this exciting Gmini 400 product. With this beautiful device in your pocket, you can enjoy digital music, digital photos, games, or digital video anytime and anywhere. We are sure that your Gmini 400 will give you years of listening and viewing

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    1 a b c Hard disk activity indicator (red) On indicator (green) Battery charger indicator (green) – blinks when the battery is fully charged d e f g h i On/Enter/Play/Go ► – Hold for 3 seconds to turn on the Gmini 400 Move UP (also increases volume during media playback) Move DOWN (also decreases

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    a b c d e f Multiconnect adapter – allows for an analog audio input (Line In) Multi-connect jack – for headphones, AV cable, or FM Remote control (optional accessory) Microphone – for making digital voice recordings CompactFlash™ slot – Type I compatible USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) to connect

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    2 INTRO - First Time Usage Please take the time to read though this manual. There are many things that this device can do that you may not be aware of. 2.1 Plugging in the AC Adapter • Use only the included ARCHOS charger/adapter. • Before using for the first time, charge the batteries completely. •

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    2.4 Changing the Language The Gmini 400 interface can be set to English (default), French, German or Spanish. • To change the language, move the cursor to Setup and then click PLAY/ENTER ►. • Then move with the joystick to Display and click PLAY/ENTER ►. • Highlight the Language parameter. • Use

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    the batteries. The Gmini 400 is made with integrated batteries which are designed to last for the life of the Gmini 400. This means that you will not have to change them. If, in the exceptional case, the batteries need changing, this should only be done by an Archos technician. * depending on how

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    3 MUSIC - Playing Music Files When you click on this icon in the main screen, you will be sent directly to the Music folder. Use the direction buttons to highlight one of the factory installed music selections and then Click on PLAY ►. If you hear nothing at first, make sure you have adjusted the

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    To lock the Gmini 400 buttons, press and hold the left function button for three seconds. The Gmini 400 will display the message “Buttons locked!” on the bottom of the screen. Press this again for three seconds to unlock the buttons. What the Icons indicate Status 3.2 Play Order Stopped - no icon

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    3.3 Artist, Album, Title … ID3 Tags ID3 Tags are information about the recording which found inside of an MP3 music file. When someone creates an MP3 music file, he or she has the option of adding information to it. This information can include, among other things, the name of the artist (Wes

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    from the ARCLibrary. Audio files created with the microphone will be indexed as Artist = ARCHOS and Album = Audio Recording. The ARCLibrary indexes all the music and playlists that it finds in the folders Music and Playlists on your Gmini 400’s hard drive, by using the tag information in each song.

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    the oldest bookmarks. The next time you play the audio file, you will be presented with three options: Resume: Start playing from the bookmarked position. Ignore: Keep the bookmark but start playing from the very beginning. Clear: 3.6 Clear the bookmark from this file and start playing from the very

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    4 MUSIC - Playlists A Playlist is a list of songs that the Gmini 400 will automatically play one after the other. The Gmini 400 can load one playlist at a time into its internal memory. You can create new playlists, add or delete songs from a playlist, or Save a playlist as a file (file type .m3u) to

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    4.2 Creating a Playlist To create a Playlist, press the RIGHT button while you are in the Music browser. A second window will open on the right side to display the Playlist contents. You can now start adding songs to the current Playlist. In the left window, search for the songs you would like to

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    Close – Closes the windows and returns to the main menu screen. Rename – Renames the current playlist. Shuffle – Randomly shuffles the order of the songs in the current playlist. Clear – Clears the contents of the current playlist. Button Move – Allows you to change the place in the list of the

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    5 MUSIC - Recording Music With the Gmini 400 series, you do not need a computer to create digital music files. It is capable of recording from the built-in microphone or an analog line source (ex: HiFi system, Boombox, CD Player, etc) into a standard Windows® WAV format, either PCM (uncompressed) or

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    5.2 Recording Procedure Before the actual audio recording begins, there is a pre-recording screen which will allow you to adjust your recording settings. 1. From the home screen, select AudioCorder then click on ENTER/GO ►. 2. In the pre-recording screen, adjust the recording level* by clicking on

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    Microphone The built-in microphone is located on the top of the Gmini 400 unit next to the headphone jack. Make sure that you have selected Microphone as the input source in the pre-recording Settings screen. The microphone recording level is preset. Analog Line-In You can record from any

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    Record, you will set the default record location to this folder. Now, each time you use the AudioCorder icon to start a recording, your recording will be saved in the folder /Music/Voice/Lectures. 5.4 Audio Editing Audio files (microphone recordings / analog recordings / FM Remote Control

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    Highlight the file to edit and select Edit from the file menu. Only files which have been created with the Gmini 400 recording function will show Edit in the file menu. Files created from CDs or downloaded cannot be edited. Once you enter the edit mode, the audio file will play in a continuous loop so

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    6 MUSIC - Using Windows® Media Player 9 The Gmini 400 is designed to work seamlessly with Version 9 of Windows® Media Player (WMP9). By installing the Archos Service Provider plug-in, WMP9 will recognize your Gmini 400 as a connected music device. You can then easily copy your CD collection to your

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    you can download it from the Archos website ‘software’ category (www.archos.com). With your Gmini 400 still connected to your computer, start Windows Media Player. Normally, you will connect your Gmini 400 to your computer before you run the WMP9 program. If you connect it after WMP9 has been

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    7 MUSIC - Using iTunes™ with your Gmini 400 The easiest way to transfer music files between a Macintosh® computer and your Gmini 400 is to use the Macintosh Finder™ to drag and drop the files to and from your Macintosh®. However, for Macintosh® users who do want to use the Gmini 400 with iTunes®,

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    8 GAMES - Playing Mophun® games Your Gmini 400 has a built-in Mophun® game engine. What that means is that it can run games created for the Mophun® gaming platform. Included with your Gmini 400 is the full version of one of the game titles available from Archos. You will also find other sample games

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    Once disconnected from your computer, the Gmini will notice that there is a new game file on the root directory and will install the game automatically. It will then erase the .MPN file that you copied to the root directory. It is a good idea to keep a copy the installation file on you PC. Even if

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    9 VIDEO - Playing Video Like a music file, you simply highlight the video file and then click on PLAY/GO ►. The thumbnail images on the right side will show you a frame from the highlighted video file (center) as well as a frame from the file above and the file below the highlighted one. By clicking on

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    • Click on the left function button to put the video into slow-motion view. You can cycle through the values Normal, ½ , ¼ , and 1/8 speed. The sound is muted when in slow motion. While in slow mode and paused, you can step image per image with the RIGHT button. 9.1 Setting a Bookmark If you are

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    9.3 Display Format Settings You will notice in the Options button (center function button), that you have a number of display format options. In certain cases, depending on how the original video was recorded, you may want to use these adjustments. Default mode : Adjusts the video size to best

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    10 VIDEO - Creating MPEG4 video files with your computer How to create an MPEG-4 video file Please understand that video re-encoding is not always a simple one button process. Video segments that come from your digital camcorder or which are freely available on the Internet are encoded in many

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    10.1 Installing the PC Software If your video file is not an MPEG4 Simple Profile .avi file of the proper size, you will need to re-encode it using the following utilities. For the Gmini 400, you will need to create an AVI file that is MPEG4 Simple Profile with a maximum resolution of 640 x 400 and a

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    MP3 Sound Codec If MPG4 Translator detects a suitable MP3 codec on your PC, it will use it, and your video file sound track will be MP3. Otherwise, it will use the standard IMA ADPCM codec. There are MP3 encoders (usually packaged together as an encoder and decoder) available on the Web for you to

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    10.2 Using MPG4 Translator Here you see the image of the main MPG4 Translator program. When you first run the program, if the DivX™ codec has not been installed yet, you will be notified. You should download the codec and install it on your computer. If the Virtual dub program has not been installed,

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    Target & Priority You should select the target as Gmini 400. You will see a Priority box appear. This control is to allow you to select which feature of the video to be guarded. If for example you are re-encoding a video file that is 800x600 in resolution and 30 frames per second, this is beyond the

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    11 PHOTO - Viewing Photos The Gmini 400 series support the viewing of JPEG (.jpg) and Bitmap (.bmp) image formats. Progressive JPEG images are not supported. The Gmini 400 will resize the image to fit on the built-in screen or on a television screen if you choose the television output. The yellow

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    Rotate picture 90° left Rotate picture 90° right View next photo View previous photo • Click the left function button #-Pic to change the number of photos in the carrousel view. • Click the center function button Picture to display the picture options. • Click on the right function button Hide to

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    11.3 Transferring photos to your Gmini 400 To transfer pictures from your digital camera directly into the Gmini 400, you will insert your digital camera’s Compact Flash™ card* into the slot on the left side of the Gmini 400. Open up the door to the slot by unlatching the center clasp with your

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    Photos from CompactFlash™ on the left, and your Gmini 400 hard disk on the right. Choose destination folder then choose File > Copy All. Your files will be copied to the folder on the right side of the screen. You can now pull out the CF card from the Gmini 400. If your image files are not seen in

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    12 BROWSER - Using the Browser The browser is used to navigate the file system on the Gmini 400. The file system is FAT32, the same type of file system that is found on Windows® based computers. That is, it is a hierarchical system which includes folders and subfolders. Because you will be putting

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    Go to the parent directory (go back up one level). Example: Go from folder /Music/Wes Burden/ to /Music. 12.2 Navigating the Directory Structure Depending on where you are in the directory system, you will have the option to manipulate files and folders. From the main menu, click on Browser.

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    Rename: Change the name of the file or folder to something new. You will be sent to the virtual keyboard (see next section) to enter the new file or folder name. Create: Create a new folder in the current level of the directory. You will be sent to the virtual keyboard (see next section) to enter the

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    3) Click the RIGHT button again to move the cursor to the right browser and find the desired destination folder. 12.3 4) Move back to the left browser (LEFT button), highlight the file to copy, and select copy from the file menu. The file will be copied to the folder in the right browser. Entire

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    13 Connecting/Disconnecting the Gmini 400 to/from your PC Note that when the Gmini 400 is connected to a computer, it will use more energy than usual. Your battery power will be consumed at a higher rate than normal. If the Gmini 400 looses power while connected to your computer you could damage

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    Macintosh™ OS 9.X You must update your operating system to a minimum of version 9.2. Once done, you will not need any special drivers or extensions. You simply plug the Gmini 400 into your Macintosh as enumerated above, and within a few seconds, the Gmini 400 will be recognized as a mass storage

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    Windows® To safely disconnect the Gmini 400 hard disk, click on the system tray remove icon (green arrow as shown below) and follow the instructions. Wait until you get a message saying that you can safely unplug the device before disconnecting the USB cable. Attention: The operating system will

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    Macintosh® Drag the Gmini 400 hard disk icon towards the trashcan, the trashcan will become a big arrow as shown in the screen shot to the left (Mac OS 9.x will still retain the trashcan icon. This is OK, don’t worry.) Drop the hard disk icon onto the arrow (or trashcan). The hard disk icon will

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    14 SETTINGS From the home screen, select the Setup option to reveal the menu options for various settings. 14.1 Sound Settings If you would like to customize the sound quality, you can adjust the Bass, Treble, and other audio settings to suit your particular taste. Normally you will do this while

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    The Sound Parameters Parameter Description Volume 32 levels of volume (0-31). Bass 10 levels. Decreases or Increases the low frequencies. Treble 10 levels. Decreases or Increases the high frequencies. Balance 10 levels. Favors the right or left channel of the Stereo signal Bass Boost 10 levels.

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    Play Mode Gmini 400 is currently playing from a Playlist Folder: Play all tracks in the current directory All: Play all tracks on Gmini 400 Single: Play a single track then stop Queue: User can queue the next track to be played † Scan: Gmini 400 plays first 15 seconds of each track†† †Queue Mode:

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    14.3 Clock Settings The Gmini 400 has an internal real time clock. The time of day is shown on the top right of the screen in either 24 hour or 12 hour display mode. To set it, go to Setup then select Clock. Choose parameter Choose Value for highlighted parameter When finished setting the

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    Setting Description Language The Gmini 400 can be set to English (default), French, German or Spanish. TV Standard NTSC (USA), PAL (Europe). In order to view images or videos on an external television, select one option to send the video signal compatible with your country’s television system.

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    14.5 Power Settings These settings will help you to save battery power thus allowing a longer battery autonomy. You can set the Gmini 400 to conserve power for both modes of operation (when it is powered from the battery, or when it is connected to the AC charger/ adapter (DC-Power operation).

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    14.6 System Settings The System settings allow you control over the low level parameters of the Gmini 400. Parameter Description Show all files Off (default), On. If set to Off, the Jukebox will only display the file names of file types, with their corresponding icons, that it knows how to play. If

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    15 Updating the Gmini 400 Firmware Operating System (OS) Archos periodically updates the Operating System (OS) and makes it available for free download on the ARCHOS website (www.archos. com). Updates to the Operating System include new features, feature improvements, and bug fixes. You should check

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    400 to your computer (section 16.1), and then copy the Update_Gmini400.AOS file to the root directory of the Gmini 400. The root directory is the top most level of the directory hierarchy. Just drag this .AOS file onto the Gmini 400 Hard disk in your file manager and it will place it in the top most

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    16 Technical Support • For warranty and services purposes, keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase. • If technical support (Telephone or E-mail) determines that your product needs to be returned, please contact the place of purchase to have your product repaired or replaced (depending on

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    WWW.ARCHOS.COM Worldwide Offices United States & Canada Europe & Asia ARCHOS Technology 3, Goodyear - Unit A Irvine, CA 92618 USA Phone: 1 949-609-1483 Fax: 1 949-609-1414 ARCHOS S.A. 12, rue Ampère 91430 Igny France Phone: +33 (0) 169 33 169 0 Fax: +33 (0) 169 33 169 9 United Kingdom Germany ARCHOS

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    17 17.1 Troubleshooting USB Connection issues Problem: I cannot get my Gmini 400 to be recognized by the computer. Solutions: • Shut off and reboot the computer and the Gmini 400 and then try connecting again in the preferred order mentioned in section 13.1. • Only if using Windows 98SE, you must

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    not show up in Windows XP for over one minute, and then it comes up as local drive. Use DOS Utility ChkDsk as shown below. • Windows® XP may recognize the Gmini 400 hard disk but yet not assign a drive letter to it. Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Then select Storage, then Disk

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    17.4 The Computer locks-up (freezes operation) or Stops Problem: The computer locks-up. Answer: Most likely because you did not use the green ‘safely remove hardware’ icon in the system tray in order to remove the Gmini 400 from your computer. 17.5 File issues, corrupted data, formatting, and

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    Problem: I want to reformat the Gmini 400’s hard disk. Answer: You can do this, but it will erase ALL of the data on your Gmini 400. Sometimes this may be necessary if your FAT (File Allocation Table) becomes so corrupted that nothing seems to fix your file problems. First, as explained below, you

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    Windows® XP & 2000 Running Check Disk Utility (ChkDsk) If you still have problems with the file system on your Gmini 400 you can try to fix it using the DOS utility, check disk (chkdsk). Do the following; • Make sure external AC adapter is powering the Gmini 400. • Quit all running applications. •

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    18 Technical Specifications ARCHOS VIDEO Gmini 400 series Storage Capacity 20 GB* Computer Interface High Speed USB 2.0 (compatible USB 1.1) Image Playback JPG and BMP (4, 8, 24 bit) images, any size Audio Playback Stereo MP3 decoding 30-320 kb/s CBR & VBR, WMA, WAV. Audio Recording Analog stereo

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    19 Legal Warranty and Limited Liability This product is sold with a limited warranty and specific remedies are available to the original purchaser in the event the product fails to conform to the limited warranty. Manufacturer’s liability may be further limited in accordance with its sales contract.

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    Warnings and Safety Instructions CAUTION To prevent risks of electric shock, this unit must only be opened by qualified service personnel. Power off and disconnect the power supply cable before opening the unit. WARNING To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. Use

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    Electrostatic Discharge Note: During electrostatic discharge, the product may be malfunctioning. Reset to return normal operation. The Gmini 400 reset is actuated by pressing and holding the STOP/ESC button for 10 seconds. The unit will power off. Restart normally. Copyright Notice Copyright ARCHOS

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